Bison's jumping fierce versus shoryuken/ tiger uppercut etc

Just read in a nearby thread that bison can use jump in fierce for a good chance of making shoryukens whiff; is this true? How safe is it, when can it be done reliably? Any details you can give would be greatly appreciated.

I was the one who made that post in the other thread, so I’ll go ahead and explain it.

Land a throw with Bison…walk forward about one “cycle” of his walking animation (this is hard to explain), then jump forward fierce. If you did it right, the fierce should hit them behind the head. This will beat almost all uppercuts. From what I’ve tested, stong, Fierce and EX uppercuts will completely whiff through Bison, jab uppercut will get beat and you will land a jump-in combo.


This works against Shotos, Sagat, Guile. Other characters have similar setups like this, too.

I’m assuming it doesn’t work against cammy because of the weird thrust kick hitboxes right?

Wow, that setup is nasty.

Note to self, don’t fall for that trap :rofl:

Right. You can safejump Cammy if you’re really good. I would just dash up to her after a throw, though.

Also do you know the spacing for doing it other things besides throw? It would be sick to be able to set it up after a SK.

Also I just wanted to say that was nice how you kept on making Liston do his anti-air in the wrong direction after a headstomp by crossing over and then switching back while in midair.

Thanks. Anyway you don’t really have enough time after scissor kicks. Maybe in the corner in very specific distances that are too big of a pain in the ass to test. Bison doesn’t really have many good knockdown options.

Thanks all. Will get to work on this.

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