Bison's Autoshop Tourney #5! Nov 27th, Waterloo, ON

Bisons Official SSF4 Tournament Sponsored by #5, Nov 27th, Waterloo, ON

Nearly two months ago, JS Master won his 3rd consecutive Autoship tournament. The tournament proved to be epic, for several big names went down early on in the tournament leaving it open for new up and comers in the GTASF scene to make a name for themselves. Since this time, the Autoshop has become a hot-bed for training, drawing people from all over the GTA and Southern Ontario. Recently, Eastern Canada has created quite a rouse in the North American Street Fighter Scene. It's time to stop beasting on American's and come battle it out on home soil. DELICIOUS!

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

100 Lodge St.,
Lakeshore Motors
Waterloo, Ontario

Super SF4 (Xbox 360)

6+ stations on lagless lcd monitors
Full ustream and recording station

Stations available for casuals once tournament concludes

1st- 70%
2nd - 20%
3rd- 10%

Registration begins at 1:30
Tournament starts at 3:30

Super SF4 (xbox 360)
$10 entry
double elimination tournament
2 out of 3 games per match
3 out of 5 games per semi final match
4 out of 7 games grand finals

SITE FEE ($10)

Gary. N
gsxtacy aka KillaCammy

The stream address is : [bisonsautoshopdotcom on USTREAM: .](
All streamed matches will be made available at: [YouTube - bisonsautoshopdotcom's Channel](

For all new and general information, weekly results, and photos regarding Bison's Autoshop, please visit our website at [Bison's Autoshop](

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Yay, good shit!

…i mean die waterloo etc.

I will go to this.

what he said

Yay, Good Shit!

…I mean die Scott etc.

Saves me 3 hours of driving rofl, ill be there. Nice choice of date lmao

To clear up any misunderstandings, it was known by an active member of the brockville tournament that Waterloo would be hosting their next Bison Autoshop Tourney at the end of November. This date was decided a while ago with the post waiting until the beginning of the month to make it public. It is unfortunate that it is on the same day as the Brockville event, and we wish them the best, but with the 27th being the only available date before the next opportunity being in January, it had to be done on this date.

hey what gives loo, only TFNS double books tourney dates out here. lol

i learned from your scene leader example

Im not bashing on your decision or anything like that, personally this is a convinience for me, and I also didnt get to go to either SB or MTL to compete, so any date is good for me.


As in going to waterloo instead of brockville that day lol. Sentence sounds a bit odd, oh well :smiley:

I might be in for this again… even though i just got run last time lol

How come you guys don’t have tournaments on the PS3? I would love to come more if you have a PS3. Try to make a separate tournament for this too. Thanks.

looks at xbox 360 gamer tag

Anyways, we will have one or two ps3s available to play on man, just they won’t be used for tournament. You are welcome to come down, and if you only play on PS3, use those stations for casuals. At a typical tournament there are usually 5-6 hours of casual stations open throughout the day, as all stations are in use for tourney for usually at most 3 hours.

Windsor came down last time and I know some of them enjoyed the cheap beer lol. You should consider coming with them.

Turns out I won’t be coming to this. No ride. :frowning:

i don’t see how this matters if you use a stick, which i thought you did.

good luck with the tournament guys, i’ll be at a concert downtown that day, so i can’t make it. I’ll make it out to waterloo one of these days lol.

I use a pad SmallNoodleman on the PS3. I’m going to buy a stick for the 360 since the controller on there sucks ass. I’m going to be online on 360 soon. Maybe in December. BTW SmallNoodleman, I have hair.:rofl::rofl:

Rb_999, yeah I’ll try to come there on the 27th but I probably won’t make it. One thing I’ll suck on 360 if I enter because I don’t play on stick. I know the other Windsor guys do play stick but I don’t. Thanks for inviting me though but I’ll probably not come because it’s on 360. You sound like a cool guy so if you want to be friends with me online on PS3, give me a friend request. I’ll accept it.

Also about the beer, all of the Windsor guys know and some of the Toronto guys know that I don’t drink but I’ll accept a Pepsi.:rofl::rofl: Thanks man. See ya.


no TE this time around? :frowning:

You should be scared