Bison Startegy?

wut i realy need help on how to use bison or the right way to play with him any advice please reply p.s. IM IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP

do lotso f scissor kicks (b,f+K) it is 100% safe and very high priority

ihope i helped u!!!

lol and lots of psyko crushas too.

beauchampion, pick him in A groove and do his cc it does mad damage

I hope you’re talking about the wk version of his scissors. That one is 100% save, or at least much close to it than the others.

I dont think any of his scissor kicks are 100% safe. They can all be punished with sakura wp.dp (as far as i know, i read this in another thread and through testing it out it seems to be true) … this might need to be done as a reversal for the wk.scissor kick.

how do i play this game P.S. help

thanx for the advice everyone and ill try picking him in a groove and try his cc thanx for the advice r. jason