Bison shimmy

Everyone knows of the Balrog shimmy, but does Bison have an equivalent?, or delayed

Aw, I thought this was going to be about the Shadowloo Shuffle.

But yes, Bison can shimmy with c.MP and c.MK, and it works way more often than it should.


Neurosis was doing it at Canada Cup

Man that’s what it should be called. Rolls nicely off the tongue.

Knock your opponent down. Do nothing and walk back, hit them with a normal and cancel into a special - dash punch or scissors. Usually stuffs their crcouch tech. Well, that’s my interpretation anyway.

What was he using? Is there footage up yet of him at Canada Cup? Their Youtube Channel has been uploading mainly MvC3 matches so far.

Does that really need its own name?

Neurosis was doing cr.lp, close lp, walk back, xx scissors


Sure why not? We already have the Shoto Shuffle after all

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Well Gootecks popularized the Gootecks Shimmy what’s the harm in having fun?

Perhaps, but the Shadowloo Shuffle is the uber-fast back -> down-back ->back -> down-back loop that lets you very slowly adjust spacing (and/or very quickly troll) while maintaining back-charge. Not gonna lie, totally stole the move from Kim.