Bison Sagat Vega (Classic Bosses)

this is my take on Bison, Sagat, Vega. Somewhat unconventional to the Capcom style, Yes… so was interested in seeing what kind of feedback I get.
Was SUPER inspired by the SF4 teaser… but somehow got disappointed after seeing the screenshots.
Hope there is some newer update for hte screens…


C&C welcome.

Will be doing some more characters over the holidays.

awesome ! :tup:

really cool style!

That bison is classic, it’s so retro looking. I like it. I would say a job well done!

Good show! :clap:

Please do Blanka! Amazing work here, great job.

Cool. Has a WB Animation/Bruce Timm vibe to it.

You’re not the only one.:nunchuck:

Those are seriously great works. It’s like a fusion of modern art and traditional japanese style. I like your stuff. Do you have a website?

Saw these on deviantart already. Very cool and professional looking

Very nice.

very nice.
your cartoony drawings are good.

but in my opinion the background is killing it.
Tuning a few things there would improve it :

-it is too yellow/orange, look at the paper colour in old japanese art. It is far more dull. Making the background more discreet would nicely put your chars with their strong colours forward (this is what a background is for). Desaturating the colour will still allow you to use this white ink effect.

-the ink stains effect is far too present too. It gets your whole image all over busy, the eye can’t focus easily and gets sick of all this visual noise. (looks like a Pollock, more than Hokusai)
It looks ok when you use it on the characters since it is covered/erased/cluttered, except for Bison, where it gets too much over him.

-it would look a lot better without the white outline.
You drew your chars as volumes, not Schiele-like flat drawings, so the use of this white outline, in and out of the shape is contrary to your first intent of making it sculptural (if I’m not clear, it breaks the 3D feeling of your shapes).
Plus, you don’t need it, it is just gimmicky.

just my opinion, still good work !

Sorry for the terrible english, don’t know what happens to me today, hope it’s clear enough.

Great original style!
Good work…

I really dig all of these, very cool. If i had to pick i’d say Bison was my favorite because of the color variation/texture in the cape, but honestly, there are little stuff i like about each one. Very very cool. Are these the highest resolution you have these at?

thanks everyone for the feedback… and AlienNoseJob, Very Constructive comments. Yes I must say I did go overboard with the brushstroke effect… was just testing a style. and yes the white outline was part of that experiment… i’ll take those into consideration next time around. although I wasn’t REALLY going for the Hokusai style… I was trying to branch off from Amano.

Jashugan, I do have higher resolution ones but I don’t think I’ll be posting them online… :slight_smile:
I’ll have more stuff updated on my blog,


Your style reminds of the character art from svc chaos(exaggerated body parts, etc.), which was my favorite of all sf series… Sagat especially, very nice bro…

Svc Chaos art:

Wow! Those are so stylish, cool and awesome! You have a deviantart account?

The Bison is so dope.

thanks all!

and yes scissorman, i have a deviantart account under the same name…

wow, seriously awesome