Bison Player looking for Balrog players to practice match up

Hey guys, I’m looking for some Balrog players on XBL mostly to practice against. My knowledge of this match up is very limited and I kinda need more practice at it. If you can help, just add me on XBL. Thanks

add me. if our lag is good then cool.

add me

You can add me too for xbox. I don’t think I’m pro status Barlog, haha but I know enough. Also, I used to main Bison, I have him at B rank so I could possibly help you out with the match-up since I know both sides. I’d like to think this goes 6-4 Barlog’s favor just because when I used Bison I had trouble fighting him but the other way around was the opposite.

I’ll just post here too since my needs are basically the same. I’m a pretty decent Bison player, but struggle hellishly with the Balrog match-up; if there are any good Balrog players on PSN hit me up. You will destroy me for a while, so I can guarantee free wins O.o EU players only, I might add. Cheers