Bison invades Chun li

Hey chun li user

I was wondering could i have some sets with some of you all Bison vs Chun li

I can record the matches after the set so we can have others to spectate I really have a hard time with her and i know some of you have the same problem with bison words cutting short hopefully i play some of you

PSN: Ruthless_Brothaz
Xbox: Will have one soon sorry

Will these be held on a Tuesday?

I would consider the match up pretty even just because of Dictator’s standing roundhouse, but that’s just my opinion.

I would consider the matchup in Dictator’s favour, just because of his standing roundhouse, but that’s just my opinion :slight_smile:

Apparently the match up is 6-4 Chun, I say apparently because I win like 1 in 8/10 games against my mate. I understand he know my game and is insanely good with Bison and when this topic comes up he’s never happy that I say the match is 5-5. The points he makes about are good, Chun’s pokes shutdown and can stuff most of Bisons options and scissorkick pressure (outside of the corner) Air to Air Chun has the advantage. EX Legs punishes EX PC on block cross up or not, which can then lead to Ultra (I use Ultra 2 in this match up). Bison has fairly low damage output and no mix up game outside of frametraps or tickthrows.

So I see when he points these things out how it could be in Chun favour, HOWEVER (big however there) Good Bisons can employ insane corner pressure with amazing frametraps that destroy you, good Bisons can space corner pressure so you can’t press buttons easily as they will whiff punish you, good Bisons bait in their pressure or just sit and wait when you’re in the corner (bad Bisons just spam scissors or jump at you when you’re in the corner letting you out). Good Bisons play footsies and Bison’s is truly a godlike poke when used and spaced right. You can’t jump at a good Bison ( and cr.hp or one of various escape/punish specials) and getting in on a Bison on the ground isn’t easy…

Good Bisons will turtle on the life lead if they don’t have you in the corner, this…THIS is my biggest issue and the reason I don’t think the match up is in Chun favour. Bison can apply totally safe pressure, he can use frametraps into chip or hit without having to confirm the hit as he’s always safe. Bisons FADC dash is really good and fast and gets him in past pokes if he does it on reaction (making it hard to buffer into EX Legs) so once in he can apply pressure, get chip, get hits and then get the hell outta there.

Because if Bison has the life lead against Chun, how does she get in? He has charge so can keep you at bay with scissors, you can’t jump at him, HSU can be punished with scissors,PC, Ultra1 on reaction, his footsies pretty much match Chuns and some of his pokes I’d kill for Chun to have. Literally a Bison with a life lead and is playing the match up properly (I.E. not doing that crazy rushdown thing) is like crazy hard to get damage on…

Yeah, his scissor kicks (lk version) is VERY good. 0 on block and is a safe to use a pressure tool. Chun can counter this attack if she throws out a preemptive cr. strong (stuffs for free).

p.s. I love Best Bipson for some time now.

Bison can basically mindfuck you for free from fullscreen with devil reverse. Other turtle characters will either sit at full screen doing nothing or just throw projectiles to bait you to come to them.

thats why i prefer to use u1… and do not forget that hosenka can punish a blocked EX psycho crusher

In regular SF4 it was definitely 6-4 Chun. Bison has reversal options, but nothing that would really make Chun that scared, so she’s free to run her offense on him. The main point in this matchup though was the neutral game - Chun could put Kikokens on the screen and Bison had to deal with them. Jumping was risky, EX Scissors/PC was risky, and Head Stomp/Devil’s Reverse could potentially lead to him eating Chun U1. If the match was even or Chun was losing, she could throw Kikoken and force Bison to do something about it. The safest solution would lead him to the corner, where Chun could close the distance and then press her advantage. If she was winning then she could throw Kikoken, sit on down-back and again make Bison deal with finding a way to start his offense with a slow fireball on the screen and all of Chun’s defensive options in play. It was a pretty good setup for her.

In Super, this all changed with both characters getting U2. With Chun going U2, Bison gets his Devil’s Reverse back, and with Bison’s U2 Chun can’t bully him with Kikoken anymore. It changed the neutral game dynamic completely. Even if Chun goes U1 in the match as long as Bison is U2 she can’t really put Kikokens on the screen, so in a match that’s even or Chun is losing Bison can sit back and force Chun to take the initiative, thus putting her at risk. If Chun is U2 then Bison gets his Head Stomp/Devil’s Reverse game back and he can force Chun to deal with it.

In v12 if both characters are U1 then maybe 6-4 Chun; if one character goes U2 then I think it goes even.

Everything else you said I agree with, but this I do not. Bison has some stupid easy safe jump / ambiguous crossup setups. There have been times Victheslik has admitted he didn’t even know when he was going to cross up. Also, crossup psycho crusher on your wakeup is annoying, especially if you don’t have meter or don’t have Ultra.

LOL. Yeah, I love his crossup psycho crusher. :slight_smile:

his easy and ambiguous setups require corner, and they are very easy to block too, each time he throws you into a corner and whiff his j.hp is a cross up, the real thing is after you block the j.hp becayse in the right corner bipson lands behind you, but in the left corner he lands in front of you. Against Crossup psycho depends on the set up, after a SK do not quick rise (you cand buffer a dash during the quick rise, so when he passes to the other side the game will register a backdash, but is risky against delayed crushers), after a slide learn the timming, most of the time is a cross up otherwise the baison player is using late crushers to hit you in the front, shitty mindgame is shitty. Others set ups are: first hit, land, xx HP psycho and Focus crumple wait to airborne state, xx psycho… both psycho are cross up, end of the mistery

Baison has no mix up beyond SK fadcs and ticks throws folks

The same set up gives different results in each corner and doesn’t cross up but j.hp does which makes it harder to react to :frowning: … Cross up PC is only a gimmick at best imo, its fairly easy to deal with either with block or EX SBK, I don’t see many good Bisons employing this as a go to tactic (only using it once in every 4 or 5 rounds and even then the good ones mix up this with cross up and none cross up versions), don’t get me wrong I’ve seen people get totally blown up by it but its not a safe option.

Bison imo isn’t mix up based its not his strength (as I stated before) I take Snakes points onboard but I still stand by the fact that he is a fundamentals and pressure based character and a bitch to breakdown when you’re forced to go on the offence…

Oh I agree entirely. He’s all about fundamentals and pokes (st.MK and st.HK are too good)! I was just saying it’s not true that he has no mixups. I think, played correctly, Bison’s mixup game can be pretty devastating.

I still say this match is in Chun Li’s favour.

air throw, ex SBK, fireball pressure, and she has a surprising amount of options to fuck with bipson after a blocked lk.SK

just have a solid far distance game, and close distance game. sHK has been nerfed enough where it’s still a problem although not a huge problem. Chun Li has enough shit that stuffs sMK. And crossup jMK isn’t safe on block so punish with exSBK or exLegs if you feel like spending meter.

Bait the living hell out of his nerfed to shit U2. If he uses it when he wants to use it, you’re probably in trouble.

wait what? are you sure? jumping medium attack unsafe on block in ssf4? wtf… and punishing a blocked cross up with EX sbk?? damn ssf4 you are fugly as hell

How can you block an attack high and then reversal SBK? o_O

At this point its safe to say if someone is ever in a situation where they can be hit with Bison’s ultra 2, consider it a bait and don’t do it, no one is dumb enough to get hit by that shit. Ultra 1 For life.

And Chun’s always go for Ultra 1 so Bison can’t do DR for meter

Chun has other options to beat DR when meter building, I prefer U2 cos she can still punish DR without U1 and U2 punishes everything else U1 does plus it gives her that anywhere on the screen comeback factor. Which against Bisons with good fundamentals I feel more at ease with knowing I only need 1 hit confirm, as a Bison that doesn’t rely on gimmicks (or EX PC to get in) and uses good spacing and footsies is never going to give you the chance to land U1.

oops ignore the exSBK shit. That’s what I get when I post in a hurry from an iphone on a crowded train.

but yeah, jMK isn’t safe on block. Most shoto’s will punish it with SRK. Also this means be wary for Bisons who jMK crossup, then try to bait your reversal.

lol yeah, I stopped using U2 a LOOOONG time ago. It lost a lot of the usefulness (dash on wakeup, U2, for instance…or to properly punish fuck ups). Now i just fondly remember Super SFIV, and basically use Bipson a whole lot less. Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to nerf characters who weren’t winning tournaments? Fucking tards.