Bison dead?

Been playing bison add main since release and I think I’m at the point of finding a new character until they buff/revamp him. Anyone feel the same way? I’m just undecided who to go to. Bison feels so natural to me he just don’t have the tools to compete this stage of the game

Everybody feels the same. I stick to Bison anyway. There is no way that my losses are 100% due to Bison’s lack of good tools. There are still a lot of things I can improve in my gameplay that will carry over once we get buffs. Don’t turn your back on the psycho powa!

I know and I agree some of my losses are execution and decision errors and I have a lot of good matchups and I’m not gonna give up on him totally. Just need to focus o on someone to cover the bad ones. So he’s gonna be more of a backseat then dropping him completely. Laura and mika are hell.

Stick with Bison because evil is a good career choice, it has a lot to offer!

I hate u guys. I will most likely stick with him. Just in a rut right now and venting my frustrations. It is really satisfying winning with him. But when I lose its match after match after match and I just keep putting myself down. Highest I made it was 3800 down to 3200 now after a break from trying out the cast.

I’m still playing him.

I’m more aggrevated about match making and lag online than I am about the character balance.

If these people didn’t teleport and skip frames I don’t think I’d get hit by so many untechable throws and shimmies. :frowning:

Yea I have to agree with the lag lately, I was starting to think it was me but my connection checks out just fine.

As far as Bison, i’ll never be switching mains. I may pick up a 2nd or 3rd for different match ups but I feel no disadvantage at fighting anybody except sometimes Laura and mostly Mika but thats just because I haven’t really sat down and practiced against Mika lol.

evil is your friend! dont jump on the ryu bandwagon!! =)