Bison combo

I guess if anyone needs to know more combos, this thread could house them.

My question: after being crossed up, or crossing up, what’s the best combo to do so that you can end in a charge move? To the best of my knowledge, c lp *2, c mk does not give you enough time to charge…

Well if you are the one crossing up, charging in the air will give you enough time including the jabs. Personally I like c.jab x2, s.short, fierce PC. Does good stun, and more reliable for me than c.forward. I don’t do it if I have full bar though, obviously. I do like to hit that combo first though and go for dizzies, it works really well for me.

As for being crossed up, if you slow the jabs down it should give you enough charge time, but I’m probably wrong. I can test it when I get home though.

2 c.forwards should give u enuff time…

but I cant get scissors into mega psycho crusher… any help?

theres already 2 threads made, check them.

c mk * 2 doesn’t require counter hit?

nope, just watch for his legs,its kinda hard.

forget c.fwd linked into c.fwd if you wanna do scissors or psycho at the end. unless the first fwd hits counter or is meaty, it’s not worth the risk. besides - at this range, you’d be better of starting the combo with his 2 frame c.jab.

if you need more charge time, do his c.short linked to c.jab linked to either s.short or c.fwd. this 3 hit combo gives comes very very very close to covering the entirety of bison’s charge time. it’s usable for shit like body hopping, combo into scissors. after a body hop, shit like c.jab, c.jab, c.fwd does NOT give you enough charge time.

if you’re crossing up with a jump-in, the regular c.jab, c.jab, s.short or c.fwd works fine, just hold toward on the stick while you’re in the air, which becomes back after you cross up.

i recommend ending combos with scissors most of the time, as opposed to onikage’s recommendation of psycho because scissors gives you a guaranteed c.rh after the combo to build meter, punish quick getup, and move in closely to the opponent while maintaining charge. also, fwd. scissors gives you the option of body hopping them after the knockdown using 2 dashes. unless you psycho them when they’re near the corner, you’ll end up a full screen away from your opponent after a psycho, which may or may not be a bad thing, depending on what the situation is in the match. but in general, i think scissors is best.

of course there’s fancier links and shit with bison, but this is all you need as far as combo into scissors or psycho apart from a few easy links off meaty c.fwd.

and who cares about scissors into mega psycho crusher? you’ll land 30 customs in A groove before you land that combo in C groove, so unless you’re going for style points, f that.

what about the B&B’s?

and what about the setups for PTF?

this site loads up pretty bad on my piece of shit computer. its like a 1990 old school-wont work no more-type of computer. so no,vids are out of the question. and searching is also out. i try to find what i need in A THREAD and work my way up from there. so hook it up cause i learn fast if given the right notes. for instance some fool told me some fake ass combo that was made on a video. i realized it doesnt work in gameplay vs top players. not even vs the cpu with the setting setup to lvl 1.

try one of the more general paintfucker threads

jump mp mp activate
bnb scissor activate
down up p p activate

I bet theres more

Yah, there is a thread somewhere…try:

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i was watching Evo2k3 the other day and i saw bas do this combo: c.lp x3 sciccors, does that shit only work on fat characters? Sometimes when i do it i’ll whiff the 3rd and sciccors, and get owned by a combo…

I think the standard is c lp * 2, s lk xx scissors – that will work on everyone. Most of the time c lp 3 seems to push the opponent too far away for anything, and I’ve never done c lp3 s lk xx scissors on ryu/kyo (the default training partners)

They only work on fat characters i guess. but damn, that c.lp x3 combo looks so cool, does decent damage, and gives u years to charge. Good combo, gotta practice it more so i can it 100% down. gotta mash out those c.lp’s fast.

It works on fat characters and they got to be crouching because it makes them fatter. Sometimes in the corner(depending on character i guess) u can get three jabs but i have only done this on kyo sized characters. Don’t know about anyone smaller than kyo. Bison’s so gay that you don’t have to mash on jabs, but a steady 1 sec. tap will do.