Bison Alts

I thought here would be better than the Bison forum because it’s dead and other people may use him as an alt.

I was wondering if anyone has any alt suggestions for Bison. Some people recommended Cammy, saying she’s the easiest but yeah…

I main Balrog and use Bison as an alt, might work the other way around too.

Ah yes, I read that in the Balrog forum and was wondering the same. Been using Ken as of late but no particular reason, only cause I used him and Vega in Super for fun.

I would use Alt3, it looks pretty cool.

I wish I could help you, been playing SF4 since it’s release and I still have no clue how to play charge characters

I use him as an “alt”, but just wondering, which matchups are problematic for you(Guile for sure)?

This is probably the best way to look at it, rather than what’s the easiest transition for you.

Which characters are poking the biggest holes in your game? If your alt is too similar, there’s a chance the same holes will exist. Might be better off going for someone completely different to diversify yourself.

My own example isn’t great; but I switch to Akuma if I’m being pressured (typically by Fei/Yun/Yang), since he’s tougher to corner, and that’s a big weakness of mine as Ken/Ryu.

I 2nd Rose, since she wins fireball wars with Guile and keeps Geif out pretty well. (but I really only use her to counterpick Guile).

Yeah, mainly Guile. I don’t particularly like facing Honda/Gief/Ibuki (is in Bison’s favor?) either. Used to hate Rufus too, not as much now since I’ve had some matchup experience.