BIRDIE Match Up Thread

Vs knowledge, tips, and tricks in here.

Let me start here with some info posted in the original Nash matchup thread. Credits to @Ramza126 for posting it there:

A few things on that punish guide are slightly incorrect or sub-optimal

HP Bullhead: b+MK xx Special

b+MK punishes HP Bullhead at any range. If you have trouble recognising his regular Bullhead strengths (which in the middle of a match can be hard to recognise imo), you can just default b+MK punish against all of them and cancel into a special of your choice whilst still getting decent punish damage. It just gives you something less to think about which is ideal against Birdie who’s throwing a ton of options at you.

VT Regular Bullheads: EX Tragedy Assault or c.HK

These are personally my preferences for punishing the non-EX VT Bullheads, both are consistent at most ranges (Sweep only wont work at max range which can be recognised if the Bullhead only does 1 hit), EX TA will work every time. I default EX TA instead of EX Scythe because it gives you 1) Better oki or 2) A more damaging VTC followup. I don’t differentiate as the animations for Bullhead are extremely similar.

VT EX Bullhead: s.MP xx MK Scythe or EX Tragedy Assault or Wind Shear (s.MP > LK > HP)

Should be common knowledge by now, s.MP is a consistent punish against VT EX Bullhead, Birdie players can’t really space this move to make it safe because of how it locks into the animation once you’re blocking. MK Scythe and EX TA are the only cancelleable specials that will reach as will the Wind Shear Target Combo.

A lot of that old info is on @killey 's google doc also, if you can check this out, test if you need, and update it’d be pretty helpful I imagine.

I find this match can be quite difficult personally so I’ve spent time optimising punishes for everything he does, can hopefully add more later…

Updated the google doc with the more optimal punishes. Made a little table in the google doc for easier reference.

a jab stops any of birdie’s bull rushes clean or w/e these are called except the VT one

Whats the best way to deal with the can? That is my biggest problem.

i like to use TA