Bious is the best!

Happy Birthday, @Bious. Stop trying to kill me all the time. (Thanks.)

Happy Birthday, Bious, you ol’ compulsive gambling ass nigga :lol:

Who is @Bious and why does he deserve a B-Day thread.

[details=Spoiler]Kidding, thank you @Vynce.


And no.[/details]

Happy Birthday Gambit aka the Purveyor of Money Matches/tournies.

Bious gonna drink so much he’ll wake up tomorrow next to a coyote, or a dude.

My money’s on a dude :coffee:

[details=Spoiler]jk jk :lol:

HBD, ya mook[/details]

Happy born day. May you feast upon some ripe chocha the smells of orange peels

Happy birthday Bious


Don’t watch robocop

Happy Birthday Mafious.

Now stop dodging me in Sailor Moon S.

Happy birthday Bious!

Pokemon sucks. Happy Bday mafia scum.

OC do not steal.

I never noticed the sun. Way too good.

I mean, at first I was surprised, but it makes sense.

Happy birthday! From now on yu better keep that brony AV. It suits you…

AP using Babadi magic to enslave Vynce it seems

Hasn’t it been a month since that was over?

Happy B-day, dude. How fucking long must you wear that arousing, I mean degrading AV? :rofl:


Bious is such a fucking bundle of sticks.

No clue who Bious is but Happy Birthday anyways

I even got you a gif(t)


MLP poo poo.

Just fucking kill yourself, or disconnect your internet and never post here again.

…Maybe you could do both; two birds with one stone.