Bionic Reset - Catches all Techs


Just a simple but effective way to setup a Jaw Breaker and covers many types of options. Covers all techs, button mashers and people spamming moves on their tech. Just give it a watch~

This is strong.

This kind of tech is something I been messing with for a while but never really made good use of it, but you sir have made this player a happy camper lol.

Would characters like Magneto be able to neutral tech and instantly air dash up or straight down to avoid this? I was told that even after an air tech, there was still a small timeframe where you couldn’t get grabbed (or maybe that just applies to air grabs).

… It doesn’t say inescapable anywhere. Of course lots of characters have outs. And some characters do not.

I already pointed it out in the video but this reset works WAY better on “certain” characters. Such as those with no air dashes. If someone has an air dash, there’s just more setting up you have to do. I did everything in this video solo but when I do it for real, I have Mystic Ray backing me up to make it completely safe. There’s mixups within mixups anyways. This is even more true when you’re playing someone. Getting your opponent to do certain things like punishing their air dashes on every opportunity may force them to stop air dashing which opens more chances to pop in resets. The thing is that Spencer can already one touch you so you don’t really need the reset.

It’s really just there to show people that there are options still available. Just putting it out there to give you guys the “oh, that’s here too.” “The more you know”, kind of thing.

big props mane!

if they air dash use the chain to keepem guessing. new vortex, wheeeee