Bionic AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMM! MvC3 BioCom general discussion

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Move Summary

WARNING. Some of these details are a bit sketchy, I’ll be updating and clearing up the confusion as more information comes out.




:qcf::snka: Wire Grapple
:l: Travels horizontally in front of him
:m: Travels at a 45 degree angle, up if on the ground, down if in the air.
:h: Travels straight upward if grounded, straight downward if aerial.

This is Spencer’s signature move. He fires out his bionic grapple in a direction based on the button you press. This move has good range and gives Spencer the ability to extend his combos after a knockback that would end the combo for most characters.

This move requires a followup input, if performed on the ground. The :l: version a punch that knocks the enemy away and the :m: version a dropkick that leaves them open for another combo. :h: simply pulls the enemy to Spencer’s feet, allowing you to follow up freely with your own combo. In the air, some ( if not all ) of the version have Spencer pull himself toward the enemy instead… properties of the followup to the grab are still unclear and need further testing though.
When performed in the air, the grab automatically follows up with the :m: version, and you cannot combo after it outside of the corner ( needs confirmation )

As a note, this attack is completely blockable, and counts as a/clashes with projectiles.

:dp::snka: Command Grab
Spencer grabs the opponent and knocks them straight up into the air. Damage is low, but it sets up a free combo whenever Spencer lands it. It’s a good followup to his :qcf::h: grapple. Differences between :l: and :m: version are currently unclear, but :h: version can be used as an anti air.

:qcf::s: Armor Breaker
Spencer dashes forward and smashes the opponent with his arm. This attack is fast and has wallbounce properties, basically setting up a free combo for Spencer, like everything else does for him :rofl:.

:snka:+:s: Hook Swing
Spencer fires his grapple in the direction you’re pointing the stick and pulls himself toward it. This move is 8 way, moderately fast, but people with good projectiles can punish you for free during the animation. If you hit an enemy with the grapple they take a small amount of damage and hitstun, might be something you could follow up with a combo, more testing is necessary.


:qcf::snka::snka: Hyper Grapple
The startup for this has the same functionality as the hook grab, albeit the grapple travels across the screen faster. When it connects, Spencer pulls the enemy forward and performs a brief, but damaging autocombo. You can follow it up anywhere you could land a normal hook grab, and seems to be a great combo ending move.

:qcb::snka::snka: ** Hyper Armor Breaker **
This move is very similar to his normal armor breaker punch, just scaled up significantly. Easy to combo into, deals good damage, is fast and may (testing required) have some invulnerability properties.

In his debut trailer, Spencer uses an aerial :qcf::m: grapple to continue his combo after a successful hyper armor breaker.

It’s currently unknown what Spencer’s third hyper is, if he has one.

A - Horizontal Grapple
B - Angled Grapple
Y - Armor Breaker


zellorz for providing a detailed summary of his specials and hypers.

ultradavid for TONS of details on this guy.[/details]

Let me do Zero is hes announced ;(

lol there’s yours :stuck_out_tongue:


Dreadlocks Spencer.

Looks like you dreadlock lovers got what you wanted!

If he KOs the opponent, does the opponent’s head explode?

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No problem with having him. =)

I hope for grapple hook shenanagans

I hope for grapple hook shenanagans

hahaha they trolled everyone and put the new spencer in instead of the red head. I was hoping for the old spencer, but whatever. CANT WAIT TO MAIN THIS DUDE. Red head maybe alt costume anyway.

…I can(T) jump? the Radd Spencer thread.

…I can(T) jump? the Radd Spencer thread.

or, Bionic white men Can’t Jump.

I hope he’s got a similar move to spider-man’s web zip.

I also hope the re-armed look is his alt :confused:

Thank you Sylari for not attempting a “witty” title.

if you want something witty, he totally says ‘Get over here!’

which would be apt (soryr satsu and Joce :p)

If he doesn’t have an alt costume I will cry.

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