Bill/Potter VS. Fanatiq/Soo

Soo just told me he would like to do this match and of course I’m more than willing. Me and Soo, vs. u 2 any ammount. U can name the stipulations… No beef, just a high profile match :xeye:

lol. im down to play potter/bill/dp. ive already played dp twice and he stepped up big body status. much props to him. but potter/bill im straight up callin out. wont you please come out to play with the mighty? ill do this 2 on 2 with loren or 1 on 1 with the both of you. console arcade pad barefooted whatever.

Man soo, we supposed to make it sound chill so they will accept. Bill already knows what the business. Notter … anyways I’d like to play yall first, so then I can double up on duc. Get at me.

fuck you


I’ll get at you dudes soon, since you guys actually think you’re good. LOL

its just that youre the best in the wc and we want to have a chance at beating you although those chances are kate moss. cant wait to play you cupcake =]

im not the best in the WC.

obd = top 5. You ain’t know???

you being the best is a matter of opinion and its just an opinion me and fanatiq share. top 5 doesnt = THE best which is you. you aint know??

this is gonna be the best thread on SRK

:clap: :clap: :clap:

i wish chris s and I lived down there so we can get up in these.

cuz norcal is too FREE.

fanatiq, come to AI and play troopers!

I own you FREE and that mustache of yours be lookin EXTRA CURLY

At first you ask me, “I don’t play this game serious anymore.” Now you’re like, norcal is too FREE"

Put some money on it if you think we are free nigga.

I agree man. It’s hard to get competition out here. So cal is so fraaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

What’s good potts? Imma roll through socal next week 'cause i got spring break. We should get some games in. You too Bill, YOU UP NEXT HOMIE!


hit me up son. I’ll be in school but thats why God made the weekends.

Wow i hope this all goes down soo vs potter or that 2 vs 2…time and date IF this happens?

You own me free? It sure didnt look like it last time i played you hahaha.

And yes I dont play this game serious because:

1)fags like you and not enough competition.

I try to learn by askin you questions and you assume u know all the answers and say i’m ‘bitching’. Well you sure didnt have an answer when tinh beat you, did you?

stop trolling me around these boards k thanks.

Yeah, i own you FREE period. I always make you leave after i beat you 5 games straight ‘cause you can’t handle my shit son. You only beat me like 3, HOL’ DAT SHIT.

  1. Bitches like you would never wanna play me for money 'cause you know im better than you.
  2. If im “FREEE” like everyone else in Norcal is, then why don’t you play us for money?

You ask questions to learn, I try to help you out the best way i can, but then you seem to not agree with what im saying. I don’t assume that i know all the answers, i try to help, but i don’t think you listen.

Everyone else thinks that you “bitch” after you lose so many times, but they don’t say anything straight up to your face about it. They just think is funny and laugh at you.

And for the record, Tinh only beat me ONE tournament in his whole life out of like 538475938475 of them that i won against him. Sorry im not perfect, I can’t win them all. Oh yeah, Tinh’s beaten you too in a San Jose State tournament and you got so mad you wanted to play him for money, right? Why don’t you do that with me if you think im so FREE?

I’m sure everyone is wondering why you’re beefin with norcal now these days.

Me trolling you around the boards? Are you serious?! One of my friends sent me this post and since you wanna talk shit about how FREE norcal is? WELL BRING THE HATE ON BITCH

damn my cali niggas beefing :bgrin: no different ova here, drama is too good :looney:

what the hell, i thot anthoneezy and chunksta were on the same side…damn norcal is the next socal