BIH Gadhafi

News reports are coming in saying he was captured and died this morning. Major news outlets are trying to verify it.

Honestly I just don’t think RIP applies in this situation.

If this pic is real they fucked him up bad

Blah blah the US indirectly assassinates another political enemy.


yeah, RIP was a poor choice of words lol

and that picture IS legit. He tried to pull a Saddam and hide in a spider hole, but that didn’t work out too well.

They shot both of his legs up, and shot him in the head.

To be fair he was an enemy of his own people.

Besides, if the US doesn’t do it who the hell else will?

Yeah I was just in the breakroom at work when they interrupted the show to announce this. That picture looks like they really fucked him up…

I’m still waiting for the video of Bin Laden’s raid. I bet that shit was Modern Warfare 2 epic.

Rest in peace, Gadhafi.

However… can you be based and let me fuck yo bitches?

More like, “Burn in hell.”


And I thought I was having a terrible morning.

Good idea. I changed the thread title.

you mispelled REBELS. The States just gave some air support, which NATO pretty much all agreed to. This was mostly a rebel fought/won war

are you a troll Bucket of Truth?

gaddafi was a strong leader fighting on and I never heard of him committing genocide or anything like that. gaddafi got GOT and now some stooge will take over libya

Agreed, and how things SHOULD be done. Offer support, but not fund/do everything.

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I wonder how long before our ass hat leaders decide to intervene in

Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Saudi, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan

What did Gaddafi do to his people to warrant so much hate? Its not like he was an asshole on the same level as the US.

Are you serious? I’m going to assume you just don’t know… We didn’t even really “intervene” much at all, we just provided air support.

As for Gadaffi, read something.… anything…

Every breath I take is wasted and should’ve gone to someone else.

LOL… Ok I take back the assumption that you just don’t know. Turns out you really are an idiot. Not going to get drawn into a conversation with the unintelligent today.

I guess that was to be expected, since he had already said long time ago he had no intention to surrender to “dogs” or something along those lines

i guessed you missed the memo where Europe needed American armaments a month after intervention because they didn’t have enough and ran out. I also guessed you missed the memo on how much it costs to have a active operating aircraft carrier that has constant sorties. Do you not listen to the news or read?

LOL you keep thinking that though