BIGTIME Arcade Events Hayward

People have been having problems accessing the events thread so I am posting the address here for all future events (28996 Hopkins Street Hayward CA) It is about 2 miles from the South hayward bart station so 30 min walk or 10 minute bike ride. I have quite an extensive collections of arcades both jp and american cabs. I will be hosting a fighter meet at my warehouse on Saturday May 18th from 12pm to 7pm. I will be featuring all the old favorites 3s, Cvs2, Mvc2, ST, Garou Motw, Real Bout 2, Vsav, Alpha 2, KI 1,2. I also have 3 hd cabs currently running SFIVAE, UMVC3 and KOF XIII. The games can be easily changed to other modern fighters if there is interest. I also have a Daytona USA and Initial D 3 twin setup that will be available to play. I just got done tidying the place up and hanging some of my artwork so lets make this one the biggest funnest meet to date. There will be no cover charge and the games will all be set to free play. All I ask is that you bring a good competitive attitude and don’t abuse or tinker with the cabinets in any way!!!Feel free to invite any friends and post up here on the thread to get hype and let everyone know your gonna throw down!!!

:lol: I’ll definitely be stopping by this arcade sometime :cool:

Dear god, Location???

PLEASE open up a arcade in the Deeper Eastbay =(.

That looks pretty cool. I will see if I can come down from Sacramento with some dudes. Regarding the 3S link setup, are the joysticks Sanwa or Seimitsu and is it version 990512?

Hayward, HaikuWar.

This is actually 1 exit away from where I used to work. I’m going to see if any 925 guys want to come out for this.

Haha I would open one but I doubt there would be enough support, plus Id have to knock down a wall or to in my warehouse. The location can be found in the link to the original thread on the top of the page. Third strike is indeed the 990512 with unblockables, its US region and the sticks are sanwa jlf8 with maching obsf30 buttons. I’m glad to hear some srk peeps are coming, this is gonna be a blast!!

This is awesome that your opening this up for everyone, I’ll spread the word to the Fresno crew.

damn, this is going to be poppin’, like hella crews comin through.

Team Tourney?


This seems hype!

Wow finally some East Bay action! I will check this place out sometime for sure.

EDIT: Do you have internet here? If yes, possible stream.

I just wanna play Killer Instinct mayneeeeeee

Mmm dat 3s.

can we get a 3s tourney on that h2h? that shit is lookin super nice!

Yea we can hold some cash tourneys if people are interested. Its looking like there’s gonna be a huge turnout, its getting exciting only one week away!


Well tomorrow is the day people I have got a lot of interesting pm’s and I appreciate all the posts and kind regards. It’s looking like there might be a ton of support for this maybe even enough for me to open it up as a weekly event! I hope you are all able to make it out and if not thanks for the moral support.

I definitely can’t wait. I work at an arcade, but the games you have here are all nice gems. If you make it a weekly event, I’d definitely try my hardest to show up. I’d be willing to drop a quarter per play too. Lol.

UPDATE my friend that was gonna bring the modern fighters flaked on me last minute. I have kof xiii and sfiv but if someone could please bring umvc3 and sxt for 360 I would really appreciate it. Shoot me a pm if you can bring it so we don’t end up with 50 million people having to bring their discs.