Big Trouble With Some Math Ups

Ok so I’m at an intermediate level and I’m dealing with a Rufus who can do all his one framers. Its a nightmare. I decided that keeping him out with rocks, the boot, and hk ruffian are the best way but he can and does get in. Despite my attempt at option selecting he seems to catch me off guard and bam I’m in the corner with one combo. Once I’m there I really can’t seem to get out. What annoys me the most is that frame trapping Rufus seems impossible if he has any meter.

In general I seem to have a problem with Cody and attempting tic throw/ counter hit set ups against lame friends who have no problem with mashing out high priority reversals like messiah/ chicken wing at random time. How can I watch out for these reversals without losing my pressure? If I lose my pressure I get my shit rushed down by Rufus the god of pressure games.

Against Rufus, rush him before he rushes you. Without EX gauge he’s not too bad to pin down and corner, also has lousy wake ups except EX Messiah. I think beats his dives., back dash and focus absorb are your friend.

yeah “Math” can be a pain in the ass… (tho I like it)

anti-air dive kick pressure with c.fp if the dive kick is high, and crouch tech with for low to the ground dive kicks

I have alot of trouble against good Cammys. Whats the best way for Cody to beat a good Cammy?

block and observe. keep your buttons still and be ready to tech, but I’dn’t crouch tech. rather get thrown sometimes then eating a combo. wait till you get some room for zoning or counter hit or can backdash safetly.

I haven’t had a lot of exposure to good Rufus’ but Zukukuu’s advice is sound when you get stuck: Block, block block, eat the least damaging option and look for a chance to get the hell out of dodge. I noticed the other night against an average Rufus that once you get used to the idea he is going to EX-messiah on wakeup and punish it he will stop (or at least won’t do it everytime). No meter means you treat him like Cody on wake ie have your way with him and do NOT get off him. Make him understand the idea of NO FREE JUMP INS with his dive kicks even if you’re trading. If you watch a LOT of Diago’s matches he trades multiple times in the first round training Rufus that you do not jump in for free. I didn’t pick it up until Evo this year (I think the final??) and one of the commentators said something about it. Go wand watch other vs Rufus matches with high level player who beat Rufus - most train Rufus to not be able to dive at will. Most who lose fall prey to the fat man’s mix-ups and we all know he has plenty.
Bait out U2 or at the very least do NOT jump while he has it - it sucks balls beating him down only to have hit hammer you because you applied a bit too much pressure.

Vs Cammy: I find this match sucks balls but I’m usually making the mistake of attempting to rush Cammy down. I think thge way to go in this match to zone her out. Make her eat a big combo when you can and run far, far away. Dash into combo and hurt her if you can bait canno spike. I think HK.RK can beat out the dive kick if you get it out early enough - IF. Does HK.RK beat the moves she uses from across screen to close distance (need to test…)? If you get stuck in the block string you had better be able to block, block, block and tech. In my experience most Cammy’s (given I’m not A level…) go through a block string or two and try to throw. Eventually you get an unsafe SA or CS to punish and you’re out with some damage. Get out and start the zoning game again. Watch her meter and choose your options accordingly. It is not an easy match IMHO.