Big Manly Punching - PAUL PHOENIX thread

Thread for discussing manly Paul Phoenix.

some useful Paul terms
DF: Deathfist aka Ponken, Phoenix Smasher, etc - qcf+2
DM: Demolition Man - d+4,2:1+2

Bread and Butter Juggles
standard launchers: df+2, qcf+1, uf+4
f+2, f+2, b+1,2 !B dash DM
f+2, df+1,1, b+1,2 !B dash DM

b+1,2 !B dash DM

dash 3,2, f+1, f+1+2 !B dash DM
db+2, b+1,2 !B dash DM

CH b+2
f+1+2, !B DM
f+1+2, !B DF, ff+4

safe pokes:
1,2 h,h
df+1 m
3,1 mh
df+4 m
df+2 m
b+2 m

wall combos:

low splat-
f+1+2, !B d+1,4,2
f+1+2, !B DM (sometimes unreliable)

high splat-
b+1,2, !B DM
b+1,2, !B d+1,4,2

just some stuff to get it started.

Aw yeah, the only guy I was ever semi-decent with in Tekken 5.

Noob tip: For Demoman, I press d+4, (3), 2, 2+1. It helps with that little delay before you press 2 and it comes out almost all the time for me now.

Edit: QCB+3 is the new deathfist. T4’s deathfist had push back, now it doesn’t, so its pretty much instant launch on block.

Can you still Deathfist after a b! ?? You could in Tekken 6.0
I know the damage sucks compared to DM, but it was funny as hell :rofl:

sure! I usually use DF after B! following a CH b+2. with the followup ff+4 I think it is more damage than doing a DM, and the okizeme is better. Basically if i’m not near a wall I’ll use the DF, ff+4, but if you are going for wall carry use the DM. Also thee ff+4 won’t hi after a DF with a normal bound because they can tech out of it.

I really cant believe no one is posting in the Paul Thread. Dont worry guys we’re definetly a top teir character here. Dedication and skill will see us towards the top. When I get focused I’ll add my Paul thaughts. Or mabey we should just be on Zaibatsu

Random Paul Thought: D+1+2 is just so freaking amazing against aggressive players and will definitely give you more time to think since opponents will probably slow their rush and be less reluctant to get hit by Paul’s meaty shoulder attack.

but it’s launch punishable

Yeah, if you don’t use it properly and they’re blocking in the middle of their rush down, sure. Also, sometimes the hit box can be distorted by parts of the wall… which is really humiliating.

Just a quick hi - I’ve not played since Tekken 3, and picked this up the other day. I mainly lurk in the HDRemix forums, but I’ll pop my head in here as a long time Paul player.

If I ask noobish questions, just give me a slap :stuck_out_tongue:

paul is retardedly strong on the wall… any time u get either d/f1+3 or ff1+2 throw …or DF or ff2:1 or d1+2 or d/f2 or hop kicks against the wall u get b12, ws4, d1+2 for like upto over 100 damage…

Damn, Paul is so beast in this game. When was the last time he was this good? T4?

t2… cause u couldn’t step DF… lol… some of his old stuff from t5 is a bit nerfed unfortunately… like b3 being -10… and u can’t get d1+2 on a counter hit ss3 anymore… but his wall damage and damage in general makes up for it… plus rage mode DF takes like 45%… lol…

qcb+2 at wall is awesome.

CH SS+3 never gave a free shoulder in T5. You got 17 frames of “fake” frame advantage, where they can’t move but they can block.

My biggest complaint is how fucking slow b+2 is now.

oh i thought it was free… anyways ya i remember correctly in t5 if u connected 1 jab u could do it afterwards without being interrupted by anything but jabs… i might be wrong though… right now i think it’s something like 22 frames… but i feel it has longer reach… and u get huge damage from it… so i try to use it at near max range… and there are better combos from it rather than what’s posted above…

combos i use that i didn’t see posted here are…

d/f2, d/b2, b12, DM… works from any angle
counter hit b2, qcf1 or d/b2, b12, DM or DF, ff4…
ff4, ws1, f1, b12, DM…
b3, 32, b12, DM…
ws2, d/b2, b12, DM…
counter hit qcb1, d/b2, b12, DM…
qcf1+2, ff d/b2, f1, b12, DM…
counter hit 4, ff2:1
counter hit d/f4, ff34, b12, DM…
low parry, 32, f1, ff2:1

man i love 3,2 as a poke… first of all its safe… and i just throw out 3 randomly sometimes outside of any attack range to bait my opponent… then i’ll do it just so that i whiff and my opponent will try to punish and if i get the 2 as a counter hit afterwards i can either run in and just do d1+2 for easy damage… or if i time it right i can run in and pick them up with 3,2 then combo with f1, ff2:1…

it’s safe on block but it doesn’t jail.

Paul is still boss, been playing him as a secondary since 2. Since my two mains now have been changed in ways I dislike, I’ll pick Paul up as my main. After literally walling a friend to death with him and learning a few launch combo’s just by playing it was pretty damn fun. As long as he doesn’t have stances I am good, those confuse the fuck out of me.

ya i usually hate characters with stances… don’t like working the stick too much just to be able to play… so paul’s my main… i like jack-6, murdak & bryan too…

Im maining paul now :slight_smile:


Launcher df2/uf4:
b3, 32, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 78 (bigs only and very very hard)
qcf1, f2, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 73
f4, ff12, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 72 (hard)
b3, f4, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 72 (misses small characters)
2, qcf1, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 72
32, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 72 (misses small characters)
db2, 2, b12 (delay the 2) (b!), d421+2 = 71
f4, ffn2, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 71
2, df11, b12(b!), d421+2 = 70
b3, 2, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 70
f2,f2, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 68 (really the only decent juggle that hits off axis BOTH ways consistently that I found so far and hits small characters)
32, f1, f1+2 (b!), d421+2 = 68
f2,f2,ff12,f1+2 (b!), d421+2 = 68
b3, f4, f1+2 (b1), d421+2 = 68
db2, 12, f1+2 (b!), d421+2 = 67
f2, f2, f2, f1+2 (b!), d421+2 = 67
b3, 1, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 67
df11, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 66
df11,df1~b1(b!), d421+2 = 66
f2, f2, df1~1(b!), d421+2 = 66

Launcher qcf1:
f2, qcf1, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 82
32, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 82 (misses small characters)
f2, df11, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 80
f4, ff1, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 78
b3, 1, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 77
f2, f2, ff1, f1+2 (b!), d421+2 = 74

Launcher ff4:
ws1, db2, f1, b12 (delay the 2) (b!), d421+2 = 75
ws1, f1, ff1, b12 (delaying the 2 makes it way easier) (b!), d421+2 = 70
ws1, df1~b1 (b!), d421+2 = 69
ws1, 1, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 69
ws1, f12, f1+2 (b!), d421+2 = 68
d1, ff1, ff1, b12(b!), d421+2 = 66
ws4, d142 = 53

Launcher b3:
3, db2, f1, b12 (delay the 2) (b!), d421+2 = 77
32, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 76
32, f1, f1+2 (b!), d421+2 = 72

Launcher ws2:
db2, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 76
f2, f2, b12 (b!), qcf2 = 74 (misses small characters)
f2, df1~1 (b!), d421+2 = 74 (hard on small characters)
f2, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 73

Launcher ch b2
db2, b12 (b!), qcf2, ff4 = 97
qcf1, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 87
f1+2, qcf2, ff4 = 86
db2, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 85

Launcher uf3,4:
b12 (b!), d421+2 = 70
f1, f1+2 (b!), d421+2 = 67

Launcher ff3,4
ff+3,4, b+1,2, (B!) ff+3,4,4 = 70
ff+3,4, f2, b+1,2 (B!) d+4:2:1+2 = 75
ff+3,4, f~d/b+2, b+1 delay 2 (B!) d+1:2:1+2 = 78 (the small step foward gives the distance needed for b+1 delay 2 to B!. Timing on d/b+2 after step is tight)

Launcher ch qcb1:
ffn32, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 90
qcf1, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 87
ffn32, f1, f1+2 (b!0, d421+2 = 86
db2, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 85

Launcher qcf1+2:
ffn32, f1, f1+2 (b!), d421+2 = 77
ff db2, f1, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 77
ff qcb1 (b!), ffn32, d1+2 = 67
ff qcb1(b!), ff d421+2 = 63
ff d421+2 = 55

Launcher ch 4:
ff1, b12 (b!), d421+2 = 70 (misses small characters)
ffn32, d142 = 64 (hard as hell)
ffn32, d1+2 = 56
f4, ff2:1 = 53
f3 = 42

** ch1+2+3 (taunt sign smash)
32, f1, f1+2 (b!), d421+2 = 77**

after low parry:
df1, 1, ff344 = 35
df+11, d/f+11, d+1+2 = 34
df+11, 1, f+2, ff+1:2 = 37
df11, f1, ff d421+2 = 37
qcf1, f1, d421+2 = 39
32, 2, ff+1:2 = 41
d/b+2,1,1,1,d+4,2,1+2 = 44
qcf+1, f+2, f,f,n3,2, d+1+2 = 46

** This a compile i have for him combo wise, i’ll do two more posts regarding him in a bit

credit to usmcogre for alot of this info