Big Joysticks and Real Arcade Pro EX Premium VLX

I have a couple questions. I’ve actually looked around quite a bit for an arcade stick for my friend but have had no luck. He wants to get a huge arcade stick for himself similar to the Hori RAP one that is around.

Question 1:

Are there any other bigger arcade sticks around aside the RAP: Ex Premium VLX?

Question 2:

If any of you are Real Arcade Pro: Ex Premium VLX owners would you recommend one of these sticks to a friend? and how does the Real Arcade Pro Stick compare to the SSFVI TE Fightstick?

  1. There is the Saturn HSS 0130 if you can find one and have a lot of cash. It uses a real arcade panel. Outside of that you are pretty much just looking at real arcade panels in boxes or customs in general.

  2. I personally like my VLX a lot. It feels just like the arcade to me when sitting on a table in front of me. It never moves during play. I like the TE though for its portability. The VLX is a bit too cumbersome to carry around, though someone looking for a large stick probably isn’t too concerned about that.

I have an HSS-0130. It is an arcade stick for the Sega Saturn and by Default it is a 2 player twin stick. If you where to buy a one player arcade panel from Akihabarashop and a get a controller PCB for your system you can make it one player.
Here is a pic of my Heavily modded HSS-0130.

I would get the VLX because it is just cheaper and will work for the system he buys it for out the box. The HSS is for Sega Saturn, so a lot of work tools and know how will need to be done to mod it to work for a modern system. When I was done I spent almost a grand on my HSS and am afraid to let it leave the house. The HSS is harder to carry around than a VLX.

There was also the Blaze TwinStick, iirc.

It was a Dreamcast stick similar to the HSS-0130 (but worse stock parts).

Yep and a black PS one. And just okay for a decent 2 player stick but not feasable to make it a 1 player stick. These require heavy heavy modding.
I actually modded one of these but sold it.
BlazeTwinStick_Mod pictures by rtdzign - Photobucket

If you want to get BIG you could put giant extensions on a TE or whatever. Fudd straps his TE to a chair - technically that makes it huge.

The VLX is the best joystick I have ever owned. At first the price was off putting but I then realized you essentially are getting an authentic arcade Vewlix panel (and I also realised the money I would have to pay in replacement TE Sticks :P) so I had to have one of these babies. What’s awesome is the wide range of games it works on. This is just a test of games I tried with the VLX on the PS3.

KOF 95
Virtua Fighter 5
Metal Slug
Ghouls N Ghosts
Space Invaders
Bubble Bobble
Fantasy Zone
Smash TV
Golden Axe
Turtles In Time
Alien Syndrome
Space Harrier
Tetris Plus
Rival Schools
Arkanoid Returns
After Burner Climax
Namco Museum Essentials
Tekken 6
Street Fighter HD Remix
Sonic Wings Special
Final Fight
Magic Sword
Atari Anniversary Edition
Tetris Plus
Altered Beast

I’m sure I’ll break down and buy one soon. if anything I’ll mod it with a pair of skateboard trux and ride it around when I get tired of carrying one.

If the VLX is too expensive for ya, these look good too and are fairly large: Real Arcade Pro VX SA: Video Games
& Real Arcade Pro V3 SA: Video Games

Ah good. Thanks for the info everyone. Price was not an issue here for my friend, but I wanted to make sure that it was a quality product and wanted to know of other options. Appreciate the input everyone!

You best show pictures. I want to see this.

Damn those actually look pretty nice, but how does it compare to the Premium VLX? I the MvC2 TE stick right now but looking to get another stick and I really want VLX but don’t have the cash for that at the moment but hopefully in the future and it’s not really travel friendly but I just saw the V3 SA which looks similar to the VLX. Anyone have any details or reviews regarding the V3 SA vs VLX?