aight idk much bout this duo any help would b appreciated i would want to know how to lockdown and chip correctly thx in advance

Sorry, can’t help you there. I just don’t really know the timing. Although I don’t think it will work against good players, they know how to get around it.

damn…anyone else wanna give a shot cuz cable aint my thing

Superjump, land on top of the guy, call Doom, jump forward short short. Rinse, repeat.

Sorry, I thought you meant the lockdown with doom on point.

its ok blackestheart thx dasrik

oh yea dasrik is dat all i need to do with that duo or should i jus keep doing that? jus a question i should ask cuz i dont wanna give bh a bad name like sum scrubs jus throwin fp’s and hk’s [sigh ppl these days] well yes let me know soon if u can take ur time if u want

That’s funny because my Blackheart mostly throws fp’s and hk’s.

Stop trying to overcomplicate your character. Stick to a basic plan and you’ll be fine.

That is funny, But I concur.

I do a lot of fp and hk with my BH, but there’s also a lot of poking and, against Cables, I’ll throw a bunch of inferno/judgment day when they super jump just to get it into the back of their mind that having me at full screen is NOT a guarantee that they’re safe. If I’ve got Sentinel behind BH, that’s actually somewhat reliably DHC’able as well, but I don’t think it does as much damage as Commando into inferno/HSF just because the JD will hit a bunch before the HSF gets there and will scale down the damage. Haven’t tested it in training mode though, it’s a hard thing to test. However, it’s very Cable-safe, even if they block it, by the time they come back down low enough to shoot you the JD will already be across the screen and spraying high enough that they’d have to thread a needle to actually shoot you without getting hit first, if it’s even possible at all. I haven’t yet been shot for doing it.

The main thing I don’t do is use BH’s normal dash, but I have to admit that for Cables that throw Sentinel’s drones out and then super jump, if I want to get under it, dashing on the ground while Cable’s in the air is probably a better solution than normal jumping forward. I should probably start using it in that situation, it would actually make going after Cable’s a lot easier to do, since I play BH against a lot of Cable’s that like to rely on Sentinel’s drones to cover the ground while they go to the air. I usually can beat them anyway (I mean, Theo’s Cable is really not that bad, but even without the Watts DHC in that video you guys can all see that I was able to handle fighting against it just fine) but it would be an option that I’d have that I’m not currently using.

What I like to with Bh/Doom when you’re away from them is call Doom then do inferno. They block the inferno, but usually dash towards you and get hit by the rocks. When the rocks hit, give them an inferno HOD. It’s pretty safe against most characters. If they don’t get hit, at least it chips.

yea dasrik i get watcha mean but yea ummmm sorry to say dat im not rlly good wit him sum BH players jus use only one either fierce or HK gets annoying you know well idk if u get my point fierce punch is BH’s best move over all i think well yea ummm is dashing forward and poking or rh after HOD a good idea?

The players that only use fierce have been playing me a lot. I invented jumpback fierce (ask Viscant).

As for dashing forward, I’ve talked about it in the forum, but since you’re cool I’ll explain again. :slight_smile: Dashing forward is useful to get around things that would ordinarily pin down Blackheart, but you have to either cover his dash or predict the opponent’s superjumping for it to be useful. For example, if Cable superjumps, it’s safe to ground dash because he can’t alter the trajectory of his superjump (well, he technically can with regular Viper Beam, but 99.9% of all Cable players throw a grenade at the height of their super jump so it’s nothing to worry about usually).

As for roundhouse after HOD, why not. Free damage, even if it’s pixels.

yay im kool lol i didnt know that ummm hey dasrik go to preppys site and watch my vid see how well u think i did with BH i playd at psm the sticks were kinda jackd up i missd sum things well alot actually

heres da link if ur lazy like sum ppl lol thx

OK, I just saw it and I hate to go into StiltMan mode (hello Eric) but I have a few comments.

  1. Contrary to what various people have said, I don’t think the snapback is a good move for Blackheart, namely because the thing has much less range than it appears to. Because Blackheart has no ground dash he has a hard time getting into the range he’ll need to successfully connect with the snapback. If the snapback was an accident, then never mind what I said, but keep that in mind in case you catch an opponent in roundhouse demons and are tempted to snap them out.

  2. Your Blackheart superjumped a Hyper Sentinel Force and was in the right range for Judgment Day. It’s true that ruin had Storm next, in which case you would have been toast if you tried. But I didn’t see hesitation on your part to block, which tells me you might not know that this is possible. If you superjump HSF, Sentinel is open to Judgment Day from the air unless the opponent does something drastic to escape. Keep that in mind when you confront Sentinel players.

  3. Your primary assist is SonSon. StiltMan can tell you about a Northwest player that does, too. (His name escapes me at the moment.) Basically, he only picks SonSon because she’s different from what people ordinarily use. Don’t be lulled by that low tier myth. SonSon does nothing for you that a better anti-air assist can’t do better. On point, she is tricky and cumbersome to use; even Commando has basic shit that he can try for that works when he’s alone. Long story short, SonSon is a “Zaza only character”. She only works if you dedicate yourself to mastering the entire game in general like Joe Zaza has.

  4. Your Cable was, forgive me, crappy, but I don’t blame you. I heard a lot of catcalls from the audience. The hardest thing about being a good MvC2 player is not letting the catcalls get to you. I can blame an Evolution loss against Kuan to the audience forcing me to lose my nerve. It’s a very real problem. The only way to get over this problem, unfortunately, is to keep playing.

Overall, I thought it was a good match. You weren’t overly flustered by fighting a player with a well-known name, and your strategy, while somewhat flawed, was executed well. The only thing I’d suggest you really change is that you swap SonSon for Commando, and consider playing Sentinel instead of Cable. BH/Cable requires a lot of micromanagement. I’m not trying to gun down your choice of team (pun not intended), but playing Sentinel is very good to help you grasp the fundamentals of the game that most people miss.

snap out was an accident i dont snap out unless i get them in a RH but the sticks were shitty as well man…i know my cable aint that great he sux :slight_smile: o well but anyways i like sonson cuz it pisses ppl off and i do better on point wit her then cyke or capcom i beat deus’s whole mss team wit jus her those fuckers shoulda taped dat match my cable i need to work on my sent ohman dont even lemme start he sux in general put it that way lol thx for chekin my mistakes i did get nervous tho bcz of ducjr tlkin n ppl going OOOH it gets to me at times but fuck it thx for checking dasrik!!!

The guy from the NW who uses BH/Sonson is Sean Graham, aka PsiANyd or Seansean.

I am not actually as unsold on Sonson as a potential assist for BH and Cable as Dasrik is. I would put her behind Commando and Cyclops, but I don’t know if I’d put her that far behind. Like Cyclops, she can set up both inferno/HOD and AHVB, and if you’re quick enough on the draw I’ve actually seen Seansean get inferno/armageddon in the middle of the screen off of her. She covers a lot of altitude at a pretty good angle, she’s got good block stun from the multiple hits on the ground, and she’s got a lot more invulnerability than people realize. An argument can be made that she’s more useful than Cyclops because of the greater altitude she reaches to cover space (if you haven’t played against it, it’s actually quite insanely good for space control).

However, for the sake of fairness, Seansean is a lot better with this team than you are, and the only time he’s ever beaten me in a tournament in his life was when the sticks were so awful that I could neither block low nor do an AHVB off of Cyclops on a simple normal jump. (i.e. they were bad enough to piss me off enough that I never went back to that arcade in Seattle again, and only went to Seattle in general once after that, to a different place when I knew that Justin and Ricky were going to be there.)

However, the flip side of this is, if you’re going to use her, this means you’re actually going to have to play her on point once in a while, and let’s be real, she’s really, really limited. A good Sonson might throw people for a loop just because almost nobody’s got any experience against her, but I really don’t know what she’s got other than those airdash kicks and her DP move canceled into Giant Dildo Smash From Heaven.

Hey Stilt,do you ever go to major tournaments like Ecc and March Maddness?

I was at B5 and Evo2k2 (got top 25 at 2k2 at MvC2). At my peak I went to every tournament in Seattle. My finances and family schedule have not been conducive to travel over the last year or so, I haven’t even gone to Seattle again since early May 2004.

Top 25 , that’s pretty good considering the amount of players. I went to Ecc and MM, the competition was fierce. Gonna get another taste if it though. In July we are hosting T6, Canada vs Empire Arcadia. Heavyweights like Justin, Arturo, and Ricky are coming. Can’t wait, the last time I played against them was 4 years ogo. I was using Jill at that time, didn’t really work out for me. Now I want to try my Blackheart against them, gonna put up a better fight. We also got a few other good Canadian players. Gonna be alot of fun. :party: