What’s this team’s worst matchups? I play this team around here, and no one can figure out how to beat it, so, I wanna know what it’s bad match ups are.

i wouldn’t dare say i’m an expert in marvel but that team would get rushed the fuck down by a good msp or even row tron for that matter bh is good against average sentinels but doom gets owned by the top 4 cable is good but i can’t see how those assists help him more than say cyke or commando are you playing them in that order? if so thats probaby worse bh can get rommed by mags crazy fast then snapped out cable’s in guard break=dead cable doom bh against msp not a good fight…i guess this being a blatantly obvious tactic is why you have no replies…where do you play because they must not be too good if they can’t beat that or youre a damn good bh/doom player

doom is bad for mags… it kind of fucks up his rushdown. for MSP , obviously, you have to be close for damage and thats kind of hard to do against that team.

I think scrub would be your worst matchup. capcom beats blackheart but doom rocks beat drones. i cant critique your team or anything since i havent played it at all so thats the best i can say.

the bad match up for that team would be…a good player…enough said.

It’s weird, this team isn’t really like awful, because I think how I play it, it’s very heavily based on traps, and locking the person down, more than trying to get damage.

I’ve never faced an MSP with this team at all. So I really wouldn’t know how that would go, but I know what beats what and what not.

I think the most problems I have with this team is with Sent/Cyc, just because of Cyke beating Doom so cleanly. Teams Like Row, Scrub, and sometimes Thrax, I can take on cleanly with this team.

But I do appreciate the insight, and keep it coming. And if any of you need any clarification or anything, just let me know, and I’ll explain how I play this team a lil further.

do you play people that can guard cancel? bh traps become really ineffective when people can do it well in addition to the fact you only have to block inferno once and then you can move forward i’m not saying that team can’t win because it can if you can keep them off of you but being that bh is probably going to call doom alot why don’t you have him last? or do you usually counter cable in?

Well, there’s a bunch of people who can guard cancel here where I’m at, and I know that most of the traps, are very well indeed pushblockable, and indeed guard cancelable…

I play a very very poke heavy Blackheart. So, most of my traps that I make, are based on his tail pokes, or jabs. I don’t throw demons unless one, they’re are soooo gonna hit the guy, leading to infinite to cable tag out to ggpo, or two, if it’s Sent, and even then it’s not that many, just some fierce demons to keep him at bay, or three, it will take up the space that the opponent wants to get to.

I also only drop Doom when I know the opponent will be in blockstun or, now that I’ve gotten them all down, to set up for the infinite(yep it’s possible), etc.

Also, I put Doom second because of DHC stuff pretty much, and because I’d rather have Cable third for the easier lk + Cable, lk xx Inferno xx HOD stuff. As for the countering Cable in, I don’t do it too much, unless it’s something that I can get a kill off of, and if I want cable out for the upcoming match up.

Another thing about me, I don’t like throwing Infernos at all. I just think that most of the time, they are a little too risky. I will never throw Infernos out unless I have meter to cancel the Inferno when Blackheart’s on point. When he’s not on point, and the opponent is in the air, I call and wavedash to the other side of the opponent to protect him.

Anywho, this is just some more stuff that will give you an idea of how I play this team, and now that I know what this team is weak against, I’ll see what I can do about countering it.

Oh yeah, and, there is only one person who plays MSP here in town(Augusta, GA), and I’ve been playing BH/Doom for a horrendously long while now so. But I just want to know a lil more in depth about the bad matchups and the like, that’s all. Knowing your team inside out, which means it’s capabillities and weaknesses, what it’s strong against, and what it’s weak against. And so to make this team better, I’ve come to ask about it. Probably in the wrong thread maybe, not sure, but if a good MSP is bad against this team, then I know what I should look for in a good MSP, and then find ways to counter it.

But anywho, keep the potential run ins in bad match ups coming, I really appreciate the advice.

sounds good i’m still curious as to how you play because thats not a team that i see a lot i imagine scrub would also give that team all types of trouble but i have seen bh used effectively against cable not usually but i’ve seen it i’m just not seeing what kind of options that team has you are depending on bh having a good run getting lost of meter what happens when he gets owned from fight he’s a huge target and you don’t have an aa that scares anyone cable is easily blocked and punished even more easily unless you combo into his assist

Ok, the REALLY bad match up for this team is always going to be Cable, Blackheart just gets so out matched.

even Mags has a tougher time on Blackheart. Cable has AHVB and a gun, that means Blackhearts main game (jump back fierce) is null and void, it would have to be one great blackheart player that knows the match up and tricks to get close to beating a loaded Cable. Even Dasrik knows Cable VS Blackheart = worst match up for Blackheart.

I would say something with a good AAA and Cable would be the worst matchup for that team, sure a MSP always is a threat, but Cable’s match up Blackheart is to good, that said, probably Team Scrub (Cable/Sent/Capcom) would be the best match up. that or some other Cable based team.

cable… commando gets fucked in this matchup… doom rapes him… cable will scrape you off the floor and then ahvb you again… seriously

storm isn’t a safe bet here… she beats blackheart, but blackheart on assist will beat her…

my guess, you’re most logical counters here would just be sscable and scrub… there’s a lot of factors in a team with blackheart and doom assists…

i know cable / doom’s biggest weakness is cable getting protection from overhead… cable doom is good against everybody except sentinel IMO…

i forget who it was, but i think it was sanford that said… “if your sentinel knows what it’s doing, you don’t lose to cable”