Better online players on 360?

I’ve been playing 3s on 360 since it came out, and recently picked it up for PS3 since a group of online buddies all have it for that console.

It feels like the quality of ranked opponents on PS3 is noticeably lower. Has anyone else experienced this? And is it a thing that’s specific to 3s or is it that way for most fighting games?

And while talking online play, if I’m looking for people better than me, what’s the best way to go about it? Find quality players on XBL and friend them? Play Karnov’s Revenge?

If you’re looking for better players, playing Karnov’s Revenge is your best bet.

I was just talking about this today with a few friends… PSN players are worse imo because its free to play and theres more players. On xbl you see the same 20-30 or so and some are good, decent, and bad. Not to mention PSN connectivity sucks dick compared to XBL. But I’m pretty sure PC client still has most people.


Choose one.

inb4 Artayes coming to blow me up.

it’s entirely possible for one group of online players to be better than another. if I had said “good online players” I’d expect that response.

because even if you think online players are all awful, on a scale of 1-10, 4 is still higher than 2!

in any case, sounds like it’s time to get better acquainted with Karnov.

from having played on both online mediums. 360 is definitely the better one to play on. psn is kinda weak for 3s

you’ll find good players on xbox, especially in lobbies.

There are some rather good players on both, but it seems like they’re more common on XBL than PSN. The main group I play with regularly is on PSN, but if I’m just out to play random people, I’ll go to XBL usually; it’s just easier to find relatively good players with less/no rollback issues. Though, I do go play Karnov’s when I feel like I need to be reminded just how inexperienced I really am…

Both camps are retarded as fuck. Don’t play online.

on an unrelated note, having played on PS3 for a few days now, I feel pretty confident saying that the PS3 port is way worse than the 360 port, online and off. I’m getting random sound dropouts and dropped inputs and sometimes the game just freezes for like 5 seconds (all offline). shit is bizarre. none of that happens on 360 as far as I’ve ever seen.