Better Input For A Shoryuken?

I’m in the process of learning the stick, and am about to start practicing shoryukens. In a link that somebody gave me, it pointed out that a shortcut is to press Down+Forward, Down+Forward, Punch instead of the “regular” motion.

Which is better? I’m basically learning the stick from stratch (first time using one), and don’t know which input I should get used to.

in what little knowledge i have i’ll give you advantages and disadvantages of both srk motions
regular motion:

  • i believe this might be best for dash shoryukens
  • harder to cancel from/activate while crouching
  • might get super instead


  • easier to srk from crouch ( down, df, down, df i believe)
  • i think it’s easier to do when you’re trying to combo with srk too
  • if you’re doing it wrong you might get super also

if you’re going to be playing mainly ssf4 then the shortcut would be nice to get used to, but if you plan on going back and playing the previous versions of sf then you should know a little bit about the regular motion

Stick with the square gate and just dash srk.
I’ve never done a super by mistake doing this, you would need to hit both gates one after the other twice.



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