Best/worst matchup

so this is simple… who is your best matchup for joe…and who is ur worst matchup… im just gonna go out on a limb here and say Besides sent :stuck_out_tongue:

Sentinel is definitely not Joe’s worst match-up. He’s small enough to get around certain projectiles and the two air-dashes really help him get in. Joe does bad against other rush-down characters because his normals just can’t compete and his ground dash sucks. Things get quite a bit better when he slows them down though.

I’d say Zero is, just because he moves in so fast on Joe you dont have to much time to counter attack plus Joe’s stubby little reach doesn’t help him that much. Surprisingly Sent is not to hard to deal with i get in easy because of my two way air dash and I cause sent to miss his launcher when I air dash forward then backwards and then do (insert anything you can think of here) on him for some Viewtiful punishes.

Well, Joe has his voomerang to fight zero you can mess him up with light and medium and push block zero isnt that hard. I think wolverine or x-23 is harder to deal with joe.

Yeah I would usually have problems with zero but slowing him down seems to solve that problem.

Zero isn’t the worst, boomerangs and slow mess his game up quite a bit, and can even the fight very easily if he makes one mistake. Plus Zero has crappy health, so he’s not the toughest. I think one of the toughest for me is Amaretsu (the dog), because I dont know how to create enough space against it…and then maybe Hulk and Haggar. Sentinel is actually not that bad, but Hulk and Haggar just seem to be able to spam their overhead attacks and immediately combo for insane damage.

Hulk beats me pretty badly while Joe because his :m: and :h: normals have more range and armor on them.

Outside of that? Characters with quick normals with good range like Dante.

deadpool annoys the hell out of me

Ditto hes a real bitch and a half.