Best way to practice grab tech's

So, I like to consider myself a fairly decent player, nothing too fantastic, but not the bottom of the barrel. I can do most of my main’s combo’s and links, and have a pretty decent mixup.

But there are 2 HUGE factors holding me back something fierce.

Learning to use focus attacks, and teching throws.

Now I have a general idea of how I could practice focus attacking, but tech throws. I don’t even know where to begin.

I need to figure out how to condition myself to stop them from tossing me. The problem exists between my brain and fingers. There have been times when I’m hanging out with friends doing online matches that I will be blocking, see two jabs and a small pause and literally say out loud " He’s gonna grab me " and for the life of me, I can’t react in time. My mouth works faster than my fingers!.

Is there some method of learning to teach my brain how to do this ? It’s the number one flaw in my game.