Best way to install different tops?

Any recommendations as to the best way to install different tops to the TE fightstick without having to open it up?

I heard use pliers, but I don’t have anything even remotely small enough to this…


Best way is to open it up. You can scratch the balltop, shaft, or shaft cover doing what is illustrated above. If you don’t have something small enough to grip the area shown above, I’m not sure you have options. Some people complain that their balltop comes loose, so I guess you could wait for that to happen. :smiley:

I can certainly understand why you may have reservations in opening your TE. However, IMO, it all boils down to “what you are willing to put into it” to acheive exactly what you want. If you do not mind scratching your JLF’s shaft, cover or top all to hell, then by all means, keep on trying with your pliers or other similar tool. Quite frankly, if I’d spent $100USD or more on an arcade controller, then I would be god-damned if would allow anything to mark it up - let alone to purposefully do it myself with unsightly toolmarks.

There are plenty of tutorials out there that detail, effectively, how to replace the top on the standard JLF handle. And the JLF’s top is specifically designed so that the top can be attached/replaced by inserting a flathead from the base of the shaft. And you can only do this by opening it up. Either from the top plexi or bottom plate - either cover removed will do the job.

No offense, I get it that it is your controller and you can do as you please and you do not want to remove the covers or open the stick, but not doing so is just lazy, IMO.

Just open the TE. It’s easy.

If it was a stick you didn’t want to break the warranty on for some reason then this thread might make sense.

Well it’s not about being lazy it’s me not wanting to void the warranty.

Although I did a few searches and removing the top does not void the warranty so I’m gonna go with that.

um, maybe wrap the shaft with rubber from a tire intertube so it doesnt rotate, THEN hold it with pliers and it shouldnt scratch

or wrap some electrical tape around the pliers, then wrap some more with the sticky side out

There is Shaft Cover.
The Shaft will rotate inside Shaft Cover.

Or you mean do what you said to the little exposed Shaft shown in picture?

wait out the warranty…

yeah, to the exposed part. well, itll be hard to put rubber on that. maybe better to put the rubber or tape on the pliers and see how it goes

I believe the warranty seal is only broken when you open the bottom panel.

This. I’m fairly sure MarkMan announced that the warranty doesn’t get voided unless you open the bottom panel, which is why they place that warranty sticker on the bottom plate in the middle of one of the screws.

Grab an allen wrench, open her up, grab a flathead screwdriver or a butter knife, stick it in the slot on the shaft, hold that in place while you twist the balltop, and I know it won’t void your warranty.

Something else to consider as well:

If you are removing the ball-top only to replace it with another ball-top, you might (not likely, but just might) be able to grab hold of that little bit of exposed shaft in order to effectively tighten it down. But if you looking to replace your ball-top with the LB-30n bat-top and adapter, you will defitinely have troubles. When the LB-30n is snugged down, it covers and slightly overlaps the top of the shaftcover. So you would have nothing to grab onto with your pliers.

If voiding the warranty truly has you buggered, then you really ought to consider going in from the top to do it right, IMO.

pretty easy

Open up the top panel. Get a flathead screw driver and stick it in the slit on the bottom of the stick’s shaft (you know where the e-ring is) and keep your hand firm. Then all you have to do is unscrew the old ball top and screw the new one in place.

Well thanks guys. I got my tops on today and I have one last question - is the shaft cover really needed?

I want to switch back and forth between the 45nm ball and the 30nm bat top without having to open the case (this time it’s lazyness).

I’m thinking about running the TE without the shaft cover. Any potential problems?

Also pictures. I have big hands and I honestly prefer the 45nm ball over the bat top so far. I really like how fast the bat top is for dashing, but I still feel like the 45nm ball is superior for my large hands when pulling ultras.

Not particularly. AFAIK the shaft cover is there to stop the shaft from being grabbed and spun counter to that of the balltop (so it doesn’t come undone), so long as you’re not purposely trying to undo to ball/battop you should be fine.
keep in mind, though, the dust washers you have on that are made with the shaft cover in mind, so you’re going to have a very loose dust washer.

The Shaft Cover is just for looks.
But I guess it can be looked at as security for Ball Tops.

And that is right.
Will need Dust Disc that was not made for Shaft Cover.

The shaft cover is to extend the life of the part. With the shaft cover on it protects the shaft from moisture from your hands and protects the shaft from rusting and why not.

Yes, forgot about protection to it.
But I like texture to my Shaft.

Is like condom.
Do you masturbate with one?

I’ve noticed that is appears my shaft cover is starting to dig into the pivot on my JLF. White plastic keeps coming up around the dust washer and if i take the shaft cover off the inside is all white plastic dust.

Is this going to be a problem?