Best way to get audio on a headset for PS4 at a Tournament?

I am planning on starting to go back to my locals again but the problem is that the monitors have lousy speakers and there are no headsets. I already have a very nice HyperX headset so I was wondering what would be the best solution to easily get audio on my headset for a ps4?

Well is that headset PS4 compatible dude? If so, why not use that? You can set the PS4 to push game audio through the headset. I’m not sure how that will work out for your opponent. But they use HyperX headsets for both players at WNF I believe on PS4.

Its the revolver headset I think it should work fine but I would need a usb adapter probably if it works like that. I was hoping that there would be a plug and play solution though that wouldnt mess the output on the speakers and not have to mess around in the menu since I dont own a ps4 and play on PC.

You are going through the same issue I’ve had when I go to my local venue. Even if you use the headset and plug it into your stick or PS4 controller, the sound going to the monitor speakers will not work. Basically, you and your opponent will have to both have a headset plugged into each controller or have a 3.5mm Y split cable connecting from the monitor to each of your headsets. The problem with that solution is now the monitor doesn’t have sound. The real solution is to purchase a Mixamp Pro PS4 . What I do now when go to my local venue is plug the Mixamp pro to the PS4 optical port for sound and use the 3.5mm Y split cable from the Mixamp Pro for both headsets and the PS4 sound still comes from the monitor via HDMI. The Mixamp Pro will run you $130 brand new but it solves the problem. When I’m at my local venue I always felt like I was playing at a disadvantage when I would tried to play games on a monitor with hardly any sound coming out of it. Some people rely on eyesight to react to movement and could care less about the in-game sound but in reality your brain reacts to sound faster than sight. Pressure waves to bioelectric stimuli (sound to mind) is faster than photon to bioelectric stimuli (light to mind). To anwser your question, you should invest in a Mixamp Pro.

Thanks I am gonna look into that! I knew I wasn’t the only one with that issue. Really wish that every station had headsets already with how E-Sports the community has become you’d figure it would already be a standard.