Best use of Quick Step

Can someone give me some tips. So far It doesn’t seems so useful for me.

The cancel from normal to quick step isn’t doing anything for me. What bring me a low jab to quick step if the foe already recovers to punch me hard with a counter hit. The canceling from quick step to special moves takes to long as well.

I love to throw one after throwing a fireball, it’s -6 so you can space it against a majority of the cast. You can use it as an ender for certain CC combos like cr.hp xx fireball > step kick. You can use it as a reaction punish for certain moves. It is viable as a poke to close down space but requires your spacing to be consistent. If you have V-Trigger ready to go just hit step kick > V-Trigger cancel and you’re like…+7?

Do NOT use the step kick like SF4, SF4’s Step Kick was a fairly brainless normal with brilliant frame data behind it. You have to use this one much more sparingly, you’ll rarely use it more than 5/6 times a match tops.

Meaty fireball> vskill xx vtrigger (hit or block)
Is a nice set up to close out a match when your opponent is low on health. On hit you get a combo and on block you can go make a sandwich then come back and mix their ass up or st.fp xx fireball xx CA to chip them out if their health is low enough for it.

(y), thanks.

Is there a good method of pulling other moves out of it? Like going for a running Fierce, or a running throw? Anyone had luck with that? I can’t find the timing.

You know the timing for Fierce > Run > Light Tatsu > Shoryu? It’s just the timing between Run > Light Tatsu, in that. You wait a second and then plink whatever the button is. I wouldn’t be grinding that out though man, run in neutral is pretty gimmicky unless you’re in super specific situations. Good players will swat you.

If you wanna get cute throw up the v-skill after a nice antiair. Youll end up on the other side of them and can set up a nice hit confirm combo
Heres a quick vid I made doing it. If youre lucky youll get a dope ragequit too

Any actual uses for Ken’s v-skill. I feel like it’s utter trash

Mixups off of AA, poking with max range step kick, getting decent combos off of max range whiff punish fierce.

It’s really good, just within the context of the rest of the character, not in a vacuum.

AA cr. Hp xx vskill is way too good

It’s one of your best gap closers, obvious big damage combos, and you can use it as a disrespect option to continue pressure if you’ve conditioned your opponent into respecting you.

good luck with that xD

After cr. Hp anti air

If you anti air them w/o crush counter, just quick step, it gives you a mix up. We’ll just leave it as mix up because it’s retarded how good it is.

If you anti air the with crush counter, hold vskill to get the attack. It’s hard to react to an anti air crush counter might as well tack on that damage. It also puts you in a great spot to keep ken rolling

Basically, after each anti air, use his vskill

but the vskill after cr.hp does always cross under, doesnt it?

I’d imagine even the average scrub would adjust to that after 2-3 anti airs

You can back up so you dont cross under

Even though it usually crosses up, you basically get free meaty pressure, it’s almost as good as a knockdown IMO.

ONLINE, the v-skill will probably always be a risk to use because it’s such a common occurrence for people to mash after blocking, and conditioning/observing isn’t really a thing when it’s 1/1 in an online set. But in tournament, where it’s 2/3, if not more, where you can plant seeds into your enemy’s mind and observe their patterns and show your own patterns, you can utilize the v-skill, sparingly, into certain blocked normals.

I do feel it’s a great tool for spacing, using it out of range so you can cancel it just within, or outside vulnerable ranges.

I’ve had quite some success with following lp fireball with stepkick
From the right ranges you can counter vskills such as nashs, bisons mikas and sleeping ryus

But another question; is it worth it to go for stepkick after tc1 instead of hk/mk tatsu?
I’d imagine against Bison its more valuable to go for the cornercarry + vmeter to v-reversal more often.

Any thoughts on that?