Best USB port for fighting sticks and pads

I’m debating whether plugging in my sticks to the front USB ports (USB 2.0 ports,) and the back (motherboard direct plus USB 2.0/3.0.) I doubt or have little recollection as to whether or not these sticks support 3.0 (have too many to list, but mostly HRAPS and Madcatz TE.)

Would it make a difference? I don’t play most fighters on PC unless it’s for offline matches of classic games. What does everyone prefer, and does it really make an impact on input lag? Because I’ve never once felt a direct stick or pad to USB input that WASN’T laggy in some way. I’ve been playing in the arcades since Ms. Pacman and Kung Fu Master, I know the feeling of input response compared to arcade lol. (Though I’m only 30, I’ve been playing games since I was 3, first game was Pitfall for Atari 2600.)

I’m not familiar with any sticks that have said that they’re USB 3.0 compatible, but even then, I wouldn’t expect it to make any difference in input times. Also, have you really never felt a non-laggy controller? I think that sounds a bit crazy… I’d say that I don’t think I’ve ever used an USB input device that actually DID feel laggy(unless it was by fault of the system it was being used on). If I had to guess,for a reasonably well made controller, the time between you making an input and the system registering it, is probably in the range of “not possible for the human mind to register”, so unless you’ve been around really bad displays all of your life, I don’t see how it’s possible you’d feel some kind of input lag on that level.


Today’s math question: If my controller generates, at maximum, a 512byte a second (512b/s) data stream, will I notice any difference between a 1.5Mb/s, 480Mb/s, or 5Gb/s connection?

There is no advantage of using USB 3.0 for a stick. Most external memory devices (i.e. thumb drive, external Hard Drive) do not even take full advantage of USB 3.0
A Keyboard or Mouse, and I mean high end optical mouse with insane accuracy never fully took advantage of USB 2.0 or USB 1.1 speeds.

Keyboards respond better with the older, slower and out of date PS/2 connectors. (Look up N Key rollover and keyboards)

it makes no difference game play wise where you plug in your arcade stick in what ever USB port. As long as the thing works.

Well, I feel input delay on certain games. And I play all types of games like shmups, fighters, FPS ETC. If I use mouse and keyboard in anything, it always works pretty much 100% fine as I have all gaming monitors and one gaming TV (Samsung,) but specific games: Mostly 3rd Strike (boo hoo :()

I think it’s usually just timing specific games like that which seem to give me problems. Guess I’ll just experience more with ports and those USB tweaking programs.

If there any lag, it isn’t your USB ports. Changing the polling on those ports will not effect it either.
Try to turn down your graphics to a lower setting.

Hmm… unless there’s a PC installed version of 3rd Steeerike out there, this means you’re running it through some kind of MAME engine… I would start with THAT being the culprit rather than the polling rate of your USB ports. Unless you’re connecting with a 90’ cable, running through 12 daisy-chained USB hubs, I doubt you’d experience any kind of input lag over a mouse/keyboard.

Also, keep in mind, some “gaming monitors” get good input lag results at native resolution/refresh (i.e. 1920x1080 @ 144hz) but when turned down to different resolutions/refresh rates (which emulators are known to do) this can affect input lag times.

Long story short, if it’s game specific, it’s probably the game.