Best us stick today

i heard mas is gone which had the best style of sticks and i heard happ sucks today since they moved to china does anyone know of any places today to get a good quality us style stick or are korean parts my best bet

IL (Industrial Lorenzo) used to make Happ branded parts before Happ stop dealing with IL and move production to China.
IL still make their own parts identical to the OLD Happ standards

No one makes retail sticks that house American/European style parts anymore.
But there hold sticks you can fix up on the secondary market

Best route for a US stick is to go with a Custom Stick maker @Devastator makes customer sticks! he made a classic American stick for me and it was pretty epic

Hit up @Allfightsticks here or on Facebook.

this tasty number is on the menu:

Panzerfightstick @“Jasen Hicks”

Panzer 3’s, while awesome, are not available with US style parts, @oodk
Re-read the OP’s post. Korean parts were a fallback if US style sticks weren’t available

Why would you even want to use US parts? They suck. I’d get a Myoungshin Fanta or Crown 309 HelpMe lever and run with that. The newer Crown buttons that FocusAttack is carrying are awesome also. 30mm with like 5mil activations before “failure” on the switches. That’s higher than both Seimitsu and Sanwa switches. Anyway good luck. If you do go with those Korean sticks I mentioned, oodk’s suggestion of the Panzer Fight Stick 3 would be a good route. Jasen makes a solid case that will house a korean stick natively. Look into it at . Good luck dude!

have you played fighting games since 2004 ? if so u should understand why people like usa sticks as well. the happs today suck, but they make the IL euro sticks that are good. i may get a crown. i hear they are amazing, but idk well have to see. maybe i could buy both and change them out to see which is better. they dont cost over 20 a piece.

IL sticks are awesome! I had a custom American style sticks few years back and I gave it to my nephew, I pretty much just used it for old school snes games. but if you like that Classic Happ Feel Id go with the Crown stick. I Currently have a crown stick for when I play retro side scrollers on my PI.

Check out Foehammer, I just got an old school Happ Competition in a stealth case. It’s sweet!

it seems happ is garbage now everyone agrees to go with the IL eurosticks now iv never felt a korean crown stick i wish i could to be able tosee if i like it