Best Time in Destroying the Car

I would like to know your best time in destroying the car/suv in single player. Or you can test to see the fastest way possible. Im bored here…

My fastest has been 6 seconds, with 44 seconds left on the timer. Ive only tried it twice using that way to get 6 seconds, I bet I could get 5 seconds if I did it perfectly.

Anyone get a faster time than that? Im not gonna tell you how I got 6 seconds just yet, but I didnt use Gill or Akuma Ill only tell u that.

u probably used ken or yun, or maybe urien.

Chun’s EX Lightning Legs rape the car for free.

I can destroy the car with the last hit of Shippu. :confused: :looney:

But yeah, EX Lightning Legs for fastest time.

screw that, it’s all about getting Alex stuck inside the car

I parried the SUV. OOOOH!! Thread closed.

lol. use denjin hado and then te car would bloody b dizzy innit

Dang! your right I got 4 seconds with Chun-Li! Hmm but just to tell u the way I got 6 seconds was with Makoto SA 3.

Anyone know of a faster way?

beatin off.

thats a lie you cant parry the SUV without red-parrying the first hit

Yeah…I just can’t figure out how to red parry the first hit of a move.

Activate Gigas.

Use X-Copy on the car

well i use cheat codes [don’t tell anybody]

use necro taunt

:lol: I’ve actually never though of doing that.

Wow… I just thought about what that would look like… HA… awesome. What’s the frame data for the car? If I can get the red parry I’ll post a vid.

Haven’t you guys seen the clip from videos where 12’s against the car and he grabs his head in frustration (a slightly changed version of his timeout pose)? That’s what happens when you try to X-copy it.

To not be off-topic, the best I’ve done is about 43 seconds left with Ryu. After I got the extra options I just disabled the bonus stages so I haven’t done it in a long time.

Why not post the highest score? Because that’s the reason you go for the fastest time… To get the EXCELLENT!

I forgot how to get the EXCELLENT on the car.

I used to know how to do it everytime.
I know that you have to hit each of the 4 points on the car a certain amount of times, but not too many.

Refresh my memory?