Best stick at <$50?

I’m trying to find a passable stick that’s pretty cheap for ps2. I looked at the Hori’s but I don’t play enough to justify 70$ on a stick. The 20$ sticks like Shadowblade sound like their really really bad. Question is there anything decent I can get at 50, or maybe just a little higher?

look for a T5 bundle, if there’s any more out there.


cheapest sticks you can find in stores is the t5 stick bundle. expect to pay 70+ for anything else thats remotely worth a damn. if it was for ps3/pc i recommend the hori fs3. only 50bucks. but we arent talking about ps3/pc

Look for the Tekken 5 bundle.Should cost no more than $30.00

Agreed. And if you find one, let me know! I’m looking for some too :stuck_out_tongue:

Got my Tekken 5 bundle for 17.99 at gamestop.

Yeah, get the US T5 bundle. Way worth the money.

Woodboard with Sanwa parts.

Why not woodwork with Happ parts? :wink:

happ parts blow

Tekken Bundle > used MAS > Hori

IMO for the best price and quality.


personal preference.

but happ buttons are flawed as hell. you can hit the button hard enough to dislodge it from the holding assembly. i’ve seen it more than I really want to admit.

The sticks… Are just unwieldy. Others like 'em, I don’t.

I got my hopes up when this: said it was $49.90 but then the shipping came in. It’s about $70-80 for one of them and $140 for two of them which is what I was about to buy. I don’t really wanna spend half of my Chinese New Year money on it… Yes that’s right, I only get $150 for New Years while other people get like $200+. Are there any sticks for cheaper than this or is this the cheapest? I might actually have to settle for it…:sad:

EDIT: Oh yeah, can anyone give a review on this? The comments on the bottom said it was really good.

How good is the Tekken stick compared to this one and where should I look for one?

I have a Hori fighting stick 2 and it’s poor by Hori standards. The stick isn’t as responsive or smooth as I would like and the buttons didn’t last very long.

do you know anywhere you can actually still buy these? i haven’t seen any in a while.

Personally, for 3s I think the happ parts have too much “snap” to them, like the spring doesn’t allow you to do sweeping motions as quickly.

I prefer to play on Happ for ST and older SFII series though because my charge characters benefit from me getting a little extra momentum on the forward movement. Every little bit helps when you’re trying to trap and chip away life with OGuile. =)

Since players are mostly using more complex sweeping motions rather than charges these days, Happ has fallen out of favor to Sanwa due to the “lighter” snapback action… atleast that is my opinion.

Alright well the shipping was really expensive so I decided not to buy it. I’m trying to get the Tekken 5 stick…

Dam, all the gamestops nearby don’t have them in stock. I haven’t been able to find it online for 30 either.