Best songs of 2002

so, 2012 was a pretty gay year for music. let’s take a trip back ten years ago when shit was still poppin in the early 2000.s

post some of the best songs that you liked in 2002. here are mine:





I really liked this song back then.



Avril is STILL hot. I love punk girls.


This was an underrated hit and it’s still a great song.


I miss this band. This is the first song I heard from them and loved it immediately. Sigh, ten years ago…



Almost everything in SSX3’s sound track, including a superior version of one of the songs Mr. X posted:


Mr. X


I will always have superior tastes to you. DMC > MGR, kthxbaiDIE :mad:


Too good :rock:

Also I would have posted Hey Ya! but that was technically 2003…

Tupac was still releasing new material in '02.


I love that the OP totally fucked up and we all just ran with it.

Entire Albums
Atmosphere - God Loves Ugly
Sage Francis - Personal Journals
Daft Punk - Discovery
Tiesto - In My Memory
Paul Oakenfold - Bunkka
Jay-Z - The Blueprint where he got murdered in his own song by Eminem.

I came in here to see Geese Pants say something along the lines of “What the fuck is this stupid thread?” and I see people actually answering?

These 2 quotes though


Grindin’ was the #1 reason for banging on desks for a beat in school back then.

Other than Lord Willin’, music sucked back then too, I just wasn’t bitter about everything like I am now. 2002 Britney and Christina would get the pudding pop though.

I still expect to see geese pants av of the guy laughing with glasses

also, music in 2002 was called crap and shitty just like it is now

More like, people had fun with crap and shitty music like people do now.

oooh i forgot about that nickelback song. why do people hate them again?

They suck.