Best Pre Order Options for Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 in Canada

I couldn’t find a thread about this. I am looking to pre-order in Canada. The only places in Canada that offer some great are currently

Best Buy **
[]Get $5 off when you pre-order this game online. The discount will automatically be applied to your cart. If the price drops on the release date you will be charged the lowest price. Offer available online only.
Gamestop/EB Games
Exclusive Femme Fatale Pack!Pre-order Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 with GameStop and receive the exclusive Femme Fatale Pack!
Femme Fatale Pack which includes
Chun-Li: Street Fighter Alpha Costume
Storm: Morlock Costume
X-23: X-Men Evolution Costume
Morrigan: White Shirt, Pants/Business Attire Costume

I say go for Best Buy, if you use those characters maybe Gamestop, maybe.

Ill go with bestbuy, the individual costume packs are prolly gonna cost less than 5 bucks(if sf 4’s pricing is any indication) so from a mathematical point of view it would just make more sense.

Less is more. Best Buy.

I personally don’t care much for alternative costumes anyway, I rather spend the extra $5 on additional DLC character instead.

dont you get preorder costumes with best buy too? or is that offer just in the US?

yea i thought the same too. u get wesker, skrull, c.viper, and modok i think.

any “special edition/collector edition/limited edition” versions comming out? I wouldn’t mind another steelbook to the collection

Just looked at Futureshop today. You get the Villains pack if you pre order there.

But I’d rather the $5 off from Best Buy, personally.

Pre-order DLC is a trap, the costume packs are all going to be roughly 5 dollars a piece anyway when they come out. Are they going to be exclusive for a limited time if you dont pre-order?

At any rate I’d go for where its guaranteed. If you have a Gamestop in canada I would, I think is pretty reliable, I did 2 day delivery and it got there in 3 days so…

I’m pretty sure the gamestop and bestbuy is U.S. only. The amazon however is more than likely accepted everywhere.