Best places to live for fighters? (a question for you guys who already live there)

Long story short edition 2012 (joke)

I live in louisiana, and with the exception of New Orleans, I feel its the lamest place in the world.
I just turned 27, I don’t really have family, and even fewer passions, but fighting games are on top of the
list. I also do stand up comedy. So what I’m getting at is if I’m gonna just work in crapy bars and a small redneck hotel where my boss gay bashes and I work o.t. constantly and never receive payment for it.

I am done with louisiana, no one plays fighter and everyone’s a small minded fool.

So, what’s the top places to live if your a fighting game fan. I saw a stream with a tournament runner who freaked out about some players losing on purpose, I wanna go places like that. Places where people breath fighters. I can tell jokes and service drink anywhere…I wanna FIGHT! So… what yea got for me.

(Xboxone name same as here, just a space in the center…add me for K.I.)

And thanks to anyone who works at or helps shryuoken in any way. If not for you guy this stupid red neck would never have known that I’m not the only one “addicted” to uppercuts.) Lol

Edit: I live in Boise and there is a small scene here, so probably not the best place to live for fighting games, but better than podunk wherever you’re from it sounds. (No offense, I grew up in rural VA). A buddy of mine says Austin is the shit for fighting games. There are actual arcades there with Street Fighter cabinets.

Are you seriously going to base your decision of where you live based on the FGC of that location?

The past.

All the best to you on your upcoming move to Japan.

Try a different section of the website. General discussion is for non-fighting game discussion. Since your brand-new, I would recommend hitting up the newbie saikyo dojo. You can ask any question you want up there no matter how good or bad the question is.

I’m sure moving based on the fighting game community seem strange, but I have traveled a lot, and every place I go really seems just like the last. There are exceptions. But I simply want to enjoy one of my biggest passions with a full community who agrees. Painting, martial arts, losing weight ( I was over 500 in 2006, to state the amount I loss may seem like a lie or a bost so I will leave it at this, I can see my feet lol) I don’t believe in marriage and have no plans od doing anything besides stand up and othet foolish endeavors. So yea, I’m moving.

Also this doesn’t count as general? Its not “about” fighting game persay. But ill post there to… even though I strongly disagree.

Thanks all.

Moving to FGD.

May I ask what FGD means?’

Never mind figured it out. And I did move it.


Baltimore, MD is pretty good. Weekly sessions for AE/Marvel and smash, some other games on the side. Larger tournaments once per month. Not too far from NY, Philly and Richmond which also have scenes and majors(2-3 hour drive at most).

Darkphyre thanks for giving the first good answer. I have as long as I want to decide. But I plan on making the move before the year end. Any place where I can play fighter and tell jokes I’ll be happy. And there a so many places to choose. Lot of reaserch will go into this.

All comments are helpful… well most are.

Probably a good plan to book some flights and check out the various scenes.

Generally this is something you can only answer for yourself, though.

You see thats kinda the plan. Its why I’m asking for ideal places to check.
Checking out ( fingers crossed ) texas this april for a tournament ( ae2012, ki, and blazblu ) I’m in no rush. I large life changing decision like this will take lots of research and thought.

Thanks for all who gave a reply, your time is valuable and irreplaceable, so thank y oh for wasting it on my inquiry.

Austin Texas has Arcade UFO, people play tons of different things there. Austin is really different from the rest of Texas too, and sounds like itd be a good place for you.

The southern and northern California scenes are especially strong. New York ain’t bad too.

Is moving countries a possibility?

I moved to Melbourne, Australia. It’s amazing here.

I merged the two threads. No need for more than one.

In case it’s not totally obvious, don’t choose Nebraska.

No Nebraska. . Check lol.
Out of the country isn’t possible for now, in about 2 years it will be though.

(Thanks for the merge)

Ima check out texas throw down, first real tournament, not just 10 dude playing for money in my appartment lol.

Gonna spend the next few months checking some places out.

Thanks for being acrive members and giving me your time.

With the male to female ratio in places like Melbourne it does look like the best choice.