Best pace to order wire?

I’m replacing the board in my fight stick (it died) with one from a regular controller. A friend who does alot of controller modding told me that the best option is to use stranded 18 gauge wire. Does anyone know a good place or site to get wire at a good price?

you going for a pad hack use 22 gauge or smaller… 18 gauge is a bit big… I buy from… they ship out pretty fast and their prices are reasonable…

cool thanks

i like this

PM sent.

Lan Wire! Thanks Gum!

be careful if using Lan wire to solder. A lot of Cat 6 is solid core, and stranded is recommended for soldering.

Does the voltage matter much for a project like this? I’m looking at the 600 volt but the 300 is a bit cheaper. (I’m really broke right now)

Does not.

Well, it does. In most cases 12v at most is all you really need to carry. So any wire would be sufficient, if wiring a house he would need a lot more.

Don’t forget the Corona for hydration. Wiring sure can dehydrate.

He says for this project.
I know what he asked.
I know what I typed.

i forgot where nerrage gets his wire but that place is pretty cheap

and like everyone said before, stranded 22 gauge is the most versatile for arcade stick projects
i just like padhacking with 30 gauge

He buy from MCM.