Best neo geo pcb

looking to build my first stick any help would be great thanks.

Do you want the PCB to play a game on? Like a MV-1A? Or do you mean controller pcb. If controller, there is none. Just wire it up to a db15 male and you are fine. There may be problems with the depth of the plug it self though. I remember people reporting complaints on

Yeah, Neo-Geo controllers are just direct connections to db15. I had the problem with using standard db15 cables, the connectors were too short and the boot kept hitting the board so the pins wouldn’t make contact. I’d suggest getting Neo-Geo extension cables from Jamma Nation X and use those.

controller pcb, dose anyone have a wire diagram i dont even want to ask on ive heard theyll bite your head off. thanks

Just happen to have the needed info from another tutorial.

Let me google that for you

thanks guys!

Thread Hijack! (I thought this thread was going to be the same question i am asking, but its not lol)
Shopping around for MVS motherboards. I’ve looked at hardmvs, and almost all of the models I see are socketed (making the unibios install much easier). Is there a preferred, specific motherboard?

Depends on if you’re planning to consolize it or not. If you are, going with one that has Joystick Ports onboard will definetly make it easier. I’d say go with either the MV-1, MV1-F or MV-2F. You could also go with the MV-1C if you want to make something small that’s top loading. You’d have to add controller ports and deal with the soldered bios. There are ways to remove it and put a unibios still. Just alot harder. I personally have consolized an MV-2F and think it’s the best choice.

If you’re not consolizing, I say whichever you can get cheapest that supports what you want. If you want memory cards and joystick support, get one that has.

I was going to consolize it (well, I was going to run the JAMMA Harness to an external box with the video converter), and just run everything off to the JAMMA harness (so I could use the harness for a CPS2 potentially). The onboard ports for controllers wouldn’t fuck with that, I assume.

You assume correct, but if you want to be able to use the same controllers on both CPS2 and MVS, then it looks like the Supergun route would be better.
And it’s just my opinion, and cam may disagree, but I am of the opinion that the MV1-F is the best model to consolize. Here’s why: the change in the cartridge connections. All of the rest are cartridge perpindicular to the big honking main board. That causes every cartridge insert to flex the main board, and like it or not, that will kill an MVS over time. MV1-F can handle the cartridge swaps no problem with no wear and tear on the main board, and a huge black plastic plastic frame to hold the cart.
I’ve consolized my MV-2F, and feel scared every time I swap carts.

The one I’m eyeing isn’t labeled… but from cross referencing pictures, it looks like thats the one I’m gonna get anyway.

While I have your attention, the only other question I have is about the power supply (I have one bookmarked around here somewhere… can’t find it, its 12v and 5v.) Would the same power supply be save to power a CPS2, if i go down that route? If not, what would I need to be looking for

Yup. IIRC both CPS-2 and MVS do NOT need the -5v supply. I know my consolized MVS only uses +5 and +12.

You also have the option of the NeoBiosMasta now so the installation of the UniBios couldn’t be simpler.

Yours has the metal shielding on it? Is the board not mounted to a piece of plexi? Mine’s solid, feels just like a console.

You can modify the MV-2F to not need the 12v even.

I just think the MV-1F would handle the strain of repeated insertions better. (that’s what she said)

may i ask a question about arcade pcb…
anyone know any website selling some arcade game jamma or neogeo but for cheap price? I dont mind bootleg but not those laggy emu one. thanks

I have parts if you want to make a Consolized Neo if you want to buy them from me. I only have MV-1Cs though. I also have NeoBlitz, not Jroks. Else I’d offer it up as a supergun package with a Neo board. If you just want a consolized Neo, Neoblitz is better anyway.


All I’ve really heard about between the NeoBitz and the Jrok is “ones good for a neo geo, the others good for general purpose”.
Am I really going to notice a difference if I choose the NeoBitz over the Jrok or vice versa? I do plan on expanding it to a CPS2 and maybe beyond. I’ve been hardpressed to find a real comparison. Only “I think” :confused:

I may hit you up for a NeoBitz, Mono… I’d hit you up for the motherboard too, but the MV-1C is icky and has a soldered BIOS. Maybe if my current plan falls through and you give me a fair deal though lol