best kof

in your opnion whats the best kof game ever made it seems theres 4 games people say 98-2002-11-or 13

It’s not the game.
It’s the winning formula that defines this franchise.
Any KOF player can do well in any KOF game regardless of the amount of small change’s
to the fighting system or the ever changing roster.
BTW my personal fev is non other 98.

XI (11) for me that one has such a large and diverse cast and the combos and tag system is awesome cool offensive and defensive options and the pace is great! I like the others but XI will always be my favorite

I have to go with King of Fighters '98: Final Edition since it is the most refined. It is the only KoF where every character (not necessarily every version of a character) can be matched up with any other character (that is not a boss) and still break even at a disadvantage. Its large roster is a huge draw as well. Outside dream match titles I would have to choose KoF '96 for gameplay system consistency and style. However, I also have a soft spot for SNK’s swansong KoF 2000. They went out with a bang so large that the problems with the striker system became palatable. The franchise has not been the same since SNK went bankrupt…

really? u think so? ti me even 98 to 02 is a huge jump kof 13 was so weird i didnt like it at all its a totally different game from 98 you had to have great execution to land those crazy long combos to get your damage

yeah i onlyplayed 11 once n an arcade but i ehard it played and felt just like 2003 which i loved the movement n 03 regardless of brokeness it felt so fast and easy that gameplay is best for kof i feel

i have a q about 96 from playing it id think kyo would be high tier his r.e.d kick is amazing it flys right at the guy super fast not an arc like the later versions and his rekka comes out so fast its crazy so how isnt kyo one of top guys in the game?

Vanilla 98 for me…it’s just perfect. Still my favorite of the KOF’s. You can still find competition for all the older kof’s on fightcade. Try it out if you havn’t already. Especially 98 and 2002. 97 room is also pretty good. There are even some decent 94, 95, 96, players from time to time.

kyo was high tier in 96. I’m not that familiar with the game but from my limited play I remember it was really broken…especially with that sliding bug if you were able to use Chizuru.

Vanilla '98 for me

Kyo in 96 is not high tier he is mid maybe even mid low, he cannot compete with the higher tiered busted chracters like chin clark iori mature

He’s sort of reminds me of makato in 3s where sometimes you can wreck but also get wrecked just as bad.
The problem is in a game where there’s lots of really fucked up shit kyos shit is pretty tame, he does good damage but who doesn’t?
The main problem with him is landing the damage which is ok if he had a great set of normals and could tough it out in the neutral like say a ralf or daimon but he gets eaten alive.

His qcf kk was shit his super was laughable probably the worse super in any game ever, he had no down C in the air, he also requires the corner to do huge damage, mid screen it’s pretty much HP then HP rekka series which does good damage but it’s not crazy

I don’t remember much about RED kick in 96, it’s been a while since i played but i remember people not using it very often, i dont think it had good priority or something like that i think it gets eaten up by jumpings CD’S alot, or is very unsafe, i might have to fire the game up and play to jog my memory

It’s not THAT of a big jump from 98 to 02, The concept of combo’s are preety much the same.
KOFXIII get’s really good when you get the feel of it,but it’s not that crazy once you get past the timing for those combo’s,
but it dose fall short on graphic’s side to me.
Character’s feel too much cartoonish(except for KOF12…i dont know why haha) and some special move’s feel unfinished.

The best looking KOF title is easily KOF 12, stage’s are so vibrant and colorful(go look at stadium night stage) ,the mechanic’s were interesting,
if it was not a beta for xiii but a full compleate game with good enough online i would rate it much MUCH higher.

98UM/FE is dead. 2002 (or 2002UM) is my 2nd choice while XIII is my least favorite. 95 for good laughs.

  • XIII has some flaw in its tier list which makes the majority of games boring to play and watch, then combo mechanics render the game unbearable sometimes with too much fishing and TODs.
  • I Never played XI so I can’t say. it looks good but I’m not so keen on tag team mechanics.
  • 2000 and 2001 are broken and full TODs, almost every char has an infinite.
  • 97 is a bug riddled game, also comes with infinites and a bad case of chicken block.
  • XIV is pure garbage. After the 1st round there’s no neutral, game is too generous in terms of resources, too much fishing, 90 seconds each round, TODs, free conversions from grabs and parries, OS infested, no balance regarding offensive & defensive options (tilts more towards the offense), bold tier list, bugs more than 97, always random results (go watch ft10 sets nothing makes sense), comebacks are not as impressive as in previous iterations, dumbed out game, rag doll physics, bad gfx for its gen, etc… In a nut shell: made in china. Damn went hard on this one.

We’re left with one game: 98 vanilla. Only has two infintes (but they come with a hefty price), footsies, only KOF game with an actual concept of whiff punishing (you can see players whiff punish on reaction consistently, where as in later games it’s either on read or just pure luck, and I can’t seem to find people doing it on a regular basis), defensive OS, offensive OS are mad hard, tier list not so bad, ppl developed a certain level of character loyalty through out the years, order select has that pre KOF99 select mechanic where it’s a mini-battle to match you characters w/ the opponents’ chars.

well shit that’s news to me lol…shoulda bit my tongue on that one coz honestly I don’t have enough xp with 96. All I remember is the game was just too riddled with bugs to be taken seriously…in a competitive sense was definitely a no go for me.

Saying KoF '96 was riddled with bugs and then playing KoF '97 is the ultimate oxymoron. Some people even argue CD priority was a bug…

In KoF '96 the red kick is a one and done deal that can be countered. Goenitz and Chizuru are not normally playable, but as any SNK boss are made OP. Chin and Clark are not busted if you have matchup knowledge. Only Iori and Mature are excessively good in KoF '96. I still find it kind of funny that the worst character (Vice) and the two best characters in the game are on the same team.

Also, I take issue with the discussion in the pic. Japan has no business commentating on KoF, only the Chinese and a few Koreans play the games enough to have a valid opinion. The original KoF '98 had one valid style of play (ADV) and the rolls were enough to make most fireballs irrelevant. Throws and good timing on using moves would counter EX dodge in FE so I fail to see the issue. Bottom line is having certain characters on your team in vanilla 98 was a liability, whereas in FE it was a matter of preference and mastering the ins and outs of a character. I will concede that vanilla '98 did not have some of the issues of UM, but to suggest FE is balanced worse than either is blasphemy in my eyes.

P.S. KoF 2000 is broken, but just like Samurai Shodown IV it has a flexibility and flow that is unique to the series. I liked the quickness of team members jumping in without loading and Shion’s martial arts style in XI, but I did not like how many characters lost a special from their other appearances and how choppy the last frames of some moves felt.

Sure but honestly bugs and infinites aside, there are actual competitive rules in China when playing 97 as far as no infinites/some of the more abusable bugs/raw supers/etc. I’m not sure if that was ever the case for 96, but surely there’s a reason why 97 is the most played kof to this day as opposed to 96 being pretty much non-existent…I’ve never known of any sort of significant high level 96 scene to exist outside of a few die hard OG South American players…Asia as far as I know doesn’t really touch it. At least not anymore. 98 imo was the successor to the 97 formula, minus most of the buggy sh#t. 99 reverted back to garbage with the addition of strikers and that useless pseudo back dash lol.

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yeah i didnt like 13s graphics 12 was beautiful though big characters close up like tekken i loved it i hate how people shit on it though :frowning:

what about kyos C rekka? it comes out so fast im surprised he isnt that good in the game i guess cause everyone else is so op kyo always gets screwed over in games ioris always top tier :frowning:

It is good and well utilized in combos. Outside of Iori’s team and unplayable bosses, the rest of the cast in KoF '96 is roughly on the same level in the sense that they all have good tools. Mature and Iori are combo machines with high damage, long reach, and low risk unlike the rest of the cast, which has vulnerabilities. Iori even has throw chain that can be repeated endlessly unless he gets low jabbed on the correct frames. Vice, on the other hand, has nothing. Some of her attacks whiff when making visual contact and it is almost impossible to link anything.

Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 is the best KOF game.