Best Internet connection

what’s a good company that can provide a good internet connection for a cheaper price? i currently have verizon wireless 3mbps which costs me $36, and as i have stated before, my connection is kinda laggy. once every minute or so, my connection resets or something.

depends what is available in your area. verzion fios is the best you can get which is upto 50mb. cable would be the next best. I have optimium online with boost(30mb down/5 mb up for $65 month)

wow! i think 50mb is too much for me. if i have that kind of internet speed, i would be downloading alot of shit! :rofl: i think i want to have maybe the same speed that i currently have, but a more stable connection and hopefully less cheaper.

I’m with snake on that one I have optimum boost (granted we’re paying nothing for it because my g/f works for optimum lol) and it’s the best out there. Have you thought about getting Verizon FIOS? I’ve heard that it’s great considering you’re getting a fiber optics line directly in your house. Only issue is I don’t know if they are going to charge you extra for installation.

Push comes to shove just go with your local cable provider. You cannot go wrong with them.

Typically, Verizon does not charge for the infrastructure. They are happy to bring the service to your home so that they can charge you for their speedy service. All “new construction” projects get FiOs even just to carry the phone line. This is of course when Verizon has the fiber in your street already.

Once at your house, on a “backboard” by your electric meter, the fiber terminates and is carried throughout your house on your existing conventional cables, Cat5e (ethernet cable) and RG6(coax).

They may charge you to run the Cat5e inside your home.

FiOs offers the best uncompressed HD TV signal, the fastest internet connection and clear telephone as well as the most expensive service you can pay for.

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Damn TMO not only do you make awesome sticks you get a little side money for the advertising i see hmm…

yeah TMO is right FIOS is where its at but its not in most areas yet. Its not in my area yet. I have dual bonded T1 lines in my home office. Guaranteed bandwidth with no limits and higher upload speeds over cable and access to the synchronous backbone - very low jitter, no dropped bits :wink: , better uptime, extremely stable bit rates.

My provider contacted me last week and I am about to beta test a EFMEthernet in the First Mile” service upgrade very soon so it will be interesting to see how it performs over my current T1 setup. Its supposed to perform better. I can post results if anyones interested.

Damn how much is that set up running you. The T1 that is

his T1 is prob 300-600 bucks a month, depending on how fast it is. Prob cheaper, as I presume he has a hook up, or maybe a fat wallet *(looks at anorexic wallet) I have Comcast, and while its hit or miss with them, I am happy with 20 DL, 4 Up, I get and its 55 bucks or so a month, No FiOS available, and its a bit more expensive than Cable.

Same here.


I live in vegas and the best connection here is COX cable. I get 20Mb down and 5MB up for 67$ a month. Like mentioned above nothing compared to fios but it’s plenty for me.

checked with fios. it is currently not available in my area yet. but damn i can see why you guys recommend fios! that shit is real fast! any other options for something less cheaper than i currently have maybe?

My loft building has T1 lines for everyone. (I helped get it set up lol ) Our provider lets individual owners get their own additional dedicated T1 lines for only $100 since the building itself has a contract with them already. So if your in the building whether commercial or residential you can use the shared T1 service for free OR get your own dedicated line for only $100. Its was actually a better deal cost wise to provide service this way and the service is better than say a comcast or at&t service especially with the bandwidth capping thats going on now with them.

Either way sounds like a good deal, and the shared one sounds good as it is, any reason to have to go with your own?