Best forums for kof 98

kof 98 is like the most played fighter in the world by the numbers yet no real forums that i know of for the game i find that weird i know most people who play dont speak english which im sure has a good bit to do with it but curious if theres any better forums that are active now

I don’t think there are any. Even the Chinese ones like kofeffect, kofunion have shut down…bbs.17utt is still around but hardly any posts. There is a lot of good info on there if you understand Chinese or can decipher with google translate. SRK 98 wiki is decent for bnb stuff. I think i’ve seen some of the dedicated 98 players tweeting some strategies/videos on twitter occasionally. You could always create some posts on here if there’s anything you wanna discuss…i’d happily contribute to any 98 discussion :raised_hands:

man thats crazy lmao so many amazinggggg kof 98 players who can do bat shit crazy combos ect but there are no community for it online lol how the hell is the game suppose to grow and guys getting into it? its like super turbo guys are very very good but at least theres tons of info n places to talk about it but not kof games…

lots of websites show combos and normals but doesnt go into strategy on what to do in each range ect you know sf n tekken go over things like this but seems kof guys r like just try to jump in and combo!! and neutral jump c or d if they try to jump in on you

It’s just too old…there’s hardly any new tech being discovered so it’s understandable. All the discussion that took place in the past is from the pros you see today lol It is a 20 yr old fighter after all. That and there was never enough of a western scene in 98 from the get go for a full blown community like sf. If you go on fightcade you’ll see most players are from Asia, latin america, pakistan. I know other countries in the past had quite active online forums for discussion. If they still do they probably wouldn’t bother posting on here where there’s hardly any. Best way to get better is just watch matches on youtube of good players then play and get your ass beat.

well the tiers r consistently changing so i figured they were finding some new things back n early to mid 2000s tier was iori o chris and diamon then like 2012 people were saying kyo was top tier n now they r back to iori goro and saying kyo is only mid tier wtf?

i really wana get good with kyo but think u gotta be very very good at execution to get him to work i love his red kick and his moves n general so many fun chars but tis hard to pick just 1 team sadly

terry seems pretty weak they try to say terry is upper mid tier but i always see terry players get rapeddd online and on youtube terrys just cant hang it seems

it hasn’t changed all that much the top players still fall back on Iori, Daimon and O.Chris when playing seriously and also with some chizuru, kyo and normal chris thrown in the mix too. Most players will use at least 2 of those chars in their team. As far as Terry…yeah it is hard for him to match up to the above chars especially in the hands of strong players. For Kyo I would suggest watching some matches of Dakou, Lai pa and Feng bo to get a good idea of how to play him effectively.

im starting to think normal yashiro and chris are better than there orochi versions yashiro due to combos and chris i find does more damaging combos and better mix ups in normal mode but i find o chris easier

Both the orochi versions are better than their normal counterparts. Normal yash is crappier than o.yash but normal chris, although not as strong as o.chris, is still one of the stronger chars in the game. What makes the orochi versions better for both is their BnB’s generally do more damage and allow for more wakeup setups/mixups, O.Yash in particular gains so many hard knockdowns and also all sorts of shenanigans with the hcfP juggle. On the other hand normal chris’s main non DM combos don’t knockdown compared to those of O.Chris. Orochi versions also have easier execution for the high damaging combos(DM combos) plus being able to hit-confirm or punish easily from further away… i.e, with O.yash, crC, fwd+A/B, hcfB and O.chris, crC, fwd+A, qcbhcfA DM.

is it alot easier to combo into super on kof 98? in sf its pretty hard in games like alphas or st i havent played it n a while to practice it so cant really remember i think for now alll i can do is bnb combos nothing to fancy

i think it’s easier than buffering supers in st, although i havn’t played that in more than a decade so my memory is fuzzy. It’s not as forgiving as sfiv/v though.

also i have 2 qs one im curious which is better on paper ex or advanced? alot r saying today they think ex is better is it due to charging super or the short hop they feel is better than running ?

i hear kyos only good in ex mode not so much advanced so im guessing the short hop into d+c is what makes him so good?

On paper EX<ADV. EX is only cheap if you play certain characters a certain way. But for any good player out there, those tactics are easily shutdown with pokes.
Ask yourself how many EX players have won tournaments? meetings? or even won arcade ranked matches? There’s your answer.

Casual players complaining about how cheap EX is compared to ADV are nothing more than SFV players complaining about Boxer being Cheap.

As for the other stuff, I have some very different opinions concerning what’s said on this thread. Although I’m not in the mood for walls of text.

I can only say this, after reading these posts I feel compelled to stop slacking and go finish my 98 blog, which I have put on hiatus for more than a year now. I tend to run my mouth on twitter

Sorry for double posting. You shouldn’t be comparing old fighters to anything past 1995. Prior to that date ST, AOF, and iirc even the couple first Fatal Fury’s were known for strict input execution. From 1995 on wards inputting a move is usually the same across many games. I played lots of Alpha3, its execution is almost the same as 98. It played in a different pace alright, just doing a cr.P into a super didn’t differ that much from doing a cr.P into DM. Links however are harder in 98.