Best follow-up to Lightning Legs

Ok so obviously landing Lightning Legs (LL) at the beginning of a combo automatically makes that combo low damage, but, despite that, it also is a good move due to its high priority over many normals. It even shuts down some hypers on reaction, Wesker’s phantom dance and Vergil’s dimension slash.

So my question is, what is the best follow-up combo to landing a standing LL? Please include the damage with your response. For example:

LL> Cr. H > S > MMH > jump > MMH > jump > MMH > Air LL > S = Damage 220K ( note that following up a standing LL with launcher, I always seem to have trouble with Chun tracking the opponent in the air properly, seems difficult to be consistent, any thoughts?)

LL> Kikosho = Damage 320K (sadly less damage than just doing a Kikosho outright)

Oh and i’m looking for mid-screen solutions.

LL shouldn’t be starting combos but I guess you could do LL, cr.H xx TK SBK H, etc SBK loops into super.

Anything with a decent hitbox will swat Wesker/Vergil outta those supers btw.

And stuff like this can go in the general discussion thread :slight_smile:

Yes I already noted LL is a bad combo starter, but moving on, what damage do you get from your SBK loops into super?