Best fight stick for tekken?

sorry if this is wrong place to ask :xeye:

anyway what i know for marvel vs capcom happ is best
what about tekken?
i want to make wavedash easier and what korean player use? :chat:

i have sf te stick but i feel its ok for tekken

waiting for answer :woot:

i find the te stick ok…since i dont have to worry about circle rotations…but idk. i just swap gates if i am not happy with my te. game to game

Koreans use Fanta sticks. It’s not an easy operation to mount a Fanta into a TE. Laugh’s site has a Korean stick for sale.

thanx for replays :slight_smile:

is korean fight stick make movement and wavedash easy? where can i buy one ?

thanx again :slight_smile:

there u go
Taeyoung Fanta stick Green

Getting a Korean stick isn’t going to transform your execution. No sticks make high level techniques easy. You just have to practice.

i know ,but its helped with more practice ;]

thanx for link but i dont want parts i need full stick

and what about buttons ?which one is best for tekken?

Uhm, Stick’s do matter even with practice, Lets use this as a example, I have a EX2 Lets take a launcher for example, Theres alot more throw then a sanwa/sei/korean stick, and you will miss execute it some of the times or it will come out late, So yes it does matter.

You are probably looking for a Saulabi. The imitation parts are knockoffs of the the good Korean parts but you are going to have to take out the junk parts and replace them with a Fanta Stick and Crown buttons. I personally hate the button layout, but it is the only stick I know that is Korean part compatible.

For the Easiest arcade quality Korean Stick, find that Saulaubi and replace parts with the following:

Teayeong Harder rubber Grommet
Myoungshin Softer rubber Grommet

And I think these crowns are direct replacements.

Depending on the wires inside you may need these.

You will need 2 of these per button but get 5-10 extra

and 8 of these for the joystick, but get 12 JIC.

and a terminal crimper.

and maybe hookup wire. 22-26 gauge stranded hookup wire.

So you think that you are going to win if you have a TE vs. Daigo Umehara, then Justin Wong then Ryan Heart using a EX2?

The player is more important than the equipment. So long as the equipment works, they can overcome minor things such as throw distance by adjusting their execution.

Sorry i misunderstood. I thought u were looking for just stick as in just the part, not as in a complete stick…for the requirements you are looking for and what not, it will cost a pretty penny. Or. find a fightstick that is compatible with the parts you are looking for and go from there. Saves you money but requires you to do alittle homework. but homework is good right. XP

This makes no sense. By that same logic you could say no one should even bother with a fightstick in the first place. Hey, a control pad works and Vangief/Inthul showed that you can overcome the limitations it comes with so we should all just be pad warriors right?

No one is saying that the equipment is the only thing that matters. Just that it matters.

Lol wut? theres wavedashing in othergames?
pretty cool.

I never said it doesn’t. However the poster asked what sticks make wavedashes easy. The answer is none of them.

This is tekken not street fighter, And yes having good equipment is important doesn’t matter if your pro or not, Why have a piece of shit? That’s like saying ill get the EX2 even though i know its unresponsive and the joystick is medium compared to getting the TE, Seriously? You want the best to be the best has nothing to do with being able to adjust he asked for the best fightstick for tekken not the worst. Anythings possible if you train pointless to train on a shitty stick that has a chance of dieing


thanks for everyone who replays here what a great information ,it helps me a lot :wink:

anyway i found videos about these parts



they said they are almost same but which one is more better quality?

about button

Crown CWB203A Red

Crown CWB203C Red

what is the difference?

there is a good mod video
[media=youtube]6ehXzuz3D2o[/media] from MissingPersonSRK

anyway if there is no full stick for sell with fanta and crown then im gonna mod one :frowning: and ofcourse i will upload my mod to this site :wink:

so which fight stick do you recommend me to mod? i want cheaper and at least better quality if it possible :slight_smile:
how about mayflash fight stick?

thanx and waiting for replay ;]

and what about this?
Wooden Korean stick PS3

full stick with fanta and crown parts?

waiting for answer…

That wooden stick also has knockoff parts. It is the cheaper saulabi model of the black one.

Yea but if you order it from e-tokki you won’t get raped as much on the shipping like buying it from like play-asia


I would buy off etokki over play-asia, easy.

I got mine while I was in Korea before laugh put them up on the site though.