Best CPS2 emulator?

I’ve been reading in fighting game discussion about how Kawaks is supposed to have 3 frames of input lag, and versions of Final Burn have at least 1 frame.

Are there any emulators out there that have no input lag at all? I am using a hacked keyboard for controls, so I’m not worried about any controller adapter lag.

Right now, I’m using advancemame. What is the opinion on it?

EDIT: found stuff on my second try with the search. Nebula is supposed to not have any delay at all.

But is Nebula also the best emulator in terms of graphics,sound,etc?

Nebula is the best. It doesn’t have as many graphic enhancing features as some other emus, but it runs the game perfect. I have it setup on my Japanese arcade cab and I love it. Be sure to change the default sound processing from 22k to 44(41). I’m willing to say Nebula is THE best arcade emulator since it has 0 input delay.

Yep, agreed. Just ran a test using ST. I got 0 input delay in the input test screen (in the ingame diswitch/config menu), and 1 frame delay during the actual game. This is in contrast to the 3 frame delay of Kawaks. And to think I’ve wasted all these years using Kawaks … :annoy: I’m pretty sure the likes of Mame have a similiar 3 frame input delay as Kawaks, although I’ve yet to test it myself.

DB, I already told you, MAME has sprite drawing delay, not input delay.
It doesn’t affect gameplay.

Andrea wont be updating advanceMAME anytime soon, so you better try MAME plus:
It’s a pretty good build.

Under no circumstances am I trying to be rude. However, if MAME has a sprite drawing delay (ie: what you input isn’t shown on the emulator until 3 frames later) how would this -NOT- affect gameplay

What you push in happens on the screen 3 frames later. Yes, your inputs happen at the proper times, however you are reacting to visual stimulus which was input 3 frames earlier than you see it drawn.

Again, I am asking for a better understanding, not to be a jerk.

Let’s hope whatever code was used in Final Burn Alpha can be swapped for the better Nebula code for use on

Ran some tests with advancemame and SF2.

I pressed the pause and jab buttons at the same time with Ryu. Then I watched as the game unpaused to see if ryu continued his standing animation or went into the first frame of the Jab.

He went directly into the jab.

Does this mean that this is a 0 frame delay? (yes, I know that term is an oxymoron.)

Additionally, it is important to me to play game in their native resolutions. Does anyone know a way to configure Nebula for this?

Nebula doesnt have an actual advance frame by frame option, it actually jumps multiple frames at a time, my guess is nebula has delay as well.

Are you sure the frameskip on Nebula is multiple frames? If you use the shortcut (spacebar) it does skip multiple frames for sure, but I’ve been using the one in the toolbar under “emulation”, and I’m pretty sure that’s skipping a single frame at a time.