Best controller to make wii stick

I wanted to make a stick for TvC, and was wondering what the easiest/best PCB was to work with.
Gamecube controller?
Classic Controller?
What about the wii remote? Or is it a joke to even ask that at all.

Thanks for any help!

Using the Wii remote is not a good idea. The wiimote has easy controls, so just waggling random buttons will pull off combos.
You can use either gamecube controllers or classic controllers. There’s a writeup on the forums/mainpage for hacking classic controllers, so just look for it.

If you want the EASIEST way of getting a good wii stick, buy a Madcatz TvC stick and replace the buttons and the stick with legit Sanwa/Seimitsu parts.

Toodles Cthulhu Multi-Console Board

Supports PC, PS1/2/3, Original Xbox, and Gamecube. Crazy easy to wire too!

my personal favorite is a psx pad plus gc adapter, gives you support for two consoles.
second option is gc controller, the four face buttons are common ground and z and triggers are easy enough to hack.

I havent started it, but this controller is $10 at walmart (at least it is in Canada) and is common ground:

Thank you for the help.
I think I am going to go with the Toodles Cthulhu Multi-Console Board. Always wanted to used one of those. I didn’t realize it supported gamecube.

Good choice. If you are willing to spend about $40-$80 extra on RJ-45 port and ethernet crimping tools and extenstion cables you can make a multiconsole stick.

I got 2 Wii Hori stick off ebay for around $20 each and modded this one with Sanwa parts, it was easy.

Or, you could just get it for the PCB and put it in another case but yeah…$20 for the stick and $50 in parts = an awesome TVC stick.

That Wii stick is awesome. I got one, although I haven’t modded it yet. Does anyone know how well it works for the Mayflash Classic Controller to USB adapter? I want to be able to use it on PS3 as well. It’s the first arcade stick that I ever reguarly used, and it’s got a bit of sentimental value to it.

If you want long range and a wired to the console setup for** no lag**, and **no battery issues **the only option is the

Official Nintendo White Gamecube Controller made for wii with a 3 meter cable (about 10 feet)

sold here