Best controller for 360 sf3 third strike

hi all having MAJOR problems with my akuma play on sf3, at first I thought it was cause my skills still had something to be desired ( aka sucked majorly) but after a while I noticed my inputs are very sluggish.

I am using a madcat sf4 controller for sf3, and thought that would suffice but it just does not seem to respond the way I want it too and more often or not I keep doing the same reliable moves to compensate ( i.e. low kick to hope I connect then TRY to low tatsu into HP then into w/e meaty move I want…) I was thinking arcade stick but that would take me A LONG time to adjust too ( never used arcade stick) .

the madcat controller is VERY good for sf4, but it doesnt seem to hold up well on sf3 ( i.e. on default settting when I want to input shun goku satsu the HP at the end is VERY hard to connect ( can;t do the roundhouse into sgs trial cause I’m too slow)

are there any controllers I should use that uses a d-pad for this game or … should I consider going back to the drawing board and start getting used to a arcade stick?

Get a stick. I love my Madcatz SF4 TE Round 2. Use the stickies before making a new thread.

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wow those things are expensive… is that the only good option ya think, if so gonna have to really save up…

My gf is a beginner so I got her a hori VX. It’s a solid stick.

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What ever you’re most comfortable with is the best controller.

madcat controller is quite sluggish was gonna get the tekken 6 one but it’s wireless which means delay apparently…

is the street fighter 4 one the only workable option? price range would be £33-£60 I guess… anything cheaper and reliable would be awesome

You’re welcome to do some research and read some reviews. If you need any more information use a sticky thread, that’s why we have them.

My bad I thought this post was in Newbie Saikyo Dojo. Head over to that forum and check out those stickies, you will get the most help there.

i think

there is a sf4 offical fight stick for $39.00 at gamestop. its white colored.

I’m using the 360’s rotating d-pad controller.

Also, you don’t need a stick at all.