Best combo of my life

Hey guys, check out the best combo of my life, I sill cant believe I did it O_O. Its in the last round btw. I just wanted to share it with you, let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Them 1f links, that was gdlk.


Very nice!

Very nice. though

Is not strictly true. any 1 frame link that requires stand or Crouch Jab is the hardest as they can’t be plinked. (Such as Cammy’s Spiral Arrow -> FADC -> LP) though that was still a very good combo.

Though can’t you plink LP with Select or down or something?

with select button on PS3, back button on Xbox.

That sounds very convenient lol.

But I agree, c.lp, s.lp or links are harder since they can’t be plinked. Also, lots of people find Ryu’s ‘Solar Plexus => or c.hp’ link hard just because the timing is weird.

You have a good point man, but if you think about it, how many lp 1f links are viable or used in an actual match? What I did in the video was a difficult link (no bragging) and an important one, because thats the way you play evil ryu, he is about stun, so if u dont stun ur opponent u r not playing him right :slight_smile:

You just proved my point man, u mentioned two plink-able links, so 1f lp isnt viable whatsoever and shouldnt be worth mentioning as the hardest, because there are other moves that are very very hard but not worth mentioning (such as Desk’s true standing 720 motion or something like that). Thats why we consider a 1f link as the hardest link in the game whether its plink-able or not :slight_smile:

dude i’m not knocking the combo, it’s a great combo… but you can’t exactly say "It’s the hardest kind of link in the game, when it isn’t even close. There are harder links. Take for example Sakura HP Shuouken -> FADC -> Close HP. this is a one frame link, however on top of that you must FADC the Shuouken on the first FADC’able frame of the last hit (or any of the other hits, i guess) then perform the HP Shuouken. (Which is a viable “real” game combo) Or any number of moves that have particularly odd timing to perform, such as Cammy’s Close MP -> Close HP.

& the bit in bold is just stupid… Do you honestly know every character enough to know that no one has a 1 Frame LP combo that is a viable option for “real” play?

Either way, great combo.

Combo was cool i guess. Congrats if that’s one of your first times hitting it in a real match. Feels real good when you hit extended combos like that. Most impressive part was the reset though.

I hit rose’s close mk. ~ cr. lp link all day err day, though. It’s absolutely viable.

It looks like this is getting way prolonged. I didnt say it was the hardest until I heard millions of tutorials say that, VesperArcade mentions it in one of his tutorials. So if the pro says it, its right, but when we say it its stupid. And btw, the example u gave with sakura like u said is a 1f link regardless of the timing of the fadc like u said. A 1f link is a 1f link, all that comes before that link or after cant change it to 0.5f link or any other timing.

And regarding the bold statement, you have a point there. But before you call me stupid, can you give an example of a 1f lp viable link, that ppl need to heavily rely on to win?

I didn’t call you stupid, i said what you said was stupid. Besides we can’t really say anyone needs to rely on any particular one link to win. Saks can use her SRK buffered pokes to win games but she certainly doesn’t have to rely on it to win. Nor does Ryu rely on AA SRK’s, & nor does Seth rely on corners. & E.ryu certainly doesn’t need to do more than one rep of his stomp combo to make him viable. (you can even use Crouch LP to make the link easier for a trade off of about 30 damage & 40 stun)

I do agree though that Evil Ryu at the moment heavily relies on damage output though.

The reason why i stated Sakuras Shuouken FADC combo should be considered harder than Evil Ryu’s is simply because it is a mandatory 2 seprate 1 frame actions. you can’t trade the Close HP for anything else, nor can you do anything to make the FADC any easier. My open close brackets was a poorly constructed paraphrase of your original quote.

[INDENT=1]meaning it is the hardest link in this game[/INDENT]
& i apologise for that. in terms of actual linking then yes, the only thing harder than a one frame link is a stand LK/LP or Crouch LP 1 framer.

Either way this is a pretty trivial argument. I’m pretty sure Rose’s Close MK (beats throws) to Crouch LP is a 1 framer, though i might be mistaken.

EDIT - Oh, the bloke mentioned the rose one above me… Bleh! I’m pretty sure Sagat has one.

I agree that this is a pretty trivial argument we are making here, and we are missing the whole point of this thread > the actual combo. To avoid any future unnecessary arguments, lets just call it the hardest combo I’ve pulled off in a real match, hope thats better :slight_smile:


Good shit and all, but you should really have posted this in the video thread


Sakura’s shou FADC combos are harder. Both are reasonable combos. Good shit OP.

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chun, rufus, balrog (jab, sweep) as well off the top of my head