Best characters to defeat spam in mvc3

my brother spams… like isht in mvc3, on simple to make it worse. is there any body who is extremely cheap( cheaper than sentential before the health patch cheap)

…Every character is good at shutting down mindless spam.

I can’t even come up with who would be the best at it because you’re basically asking “who’s good at finding openings in predictable player patterns and exploiting them for massive damage” in a game where everyone does 70-100% in a single combo.

Just pick who you like, play the game, and win.

Try having Doom on assist with his laser. It stays on the screen a good amount of time and I think it’s the most damaging regular projectile in the game. It even does a pretty good amount of chip damage on block. If you want to close distance instead of counterspam, maybe Dante’s teleport can help out with that. He’s a great character with a lot of options in his arsenal.

which characters does your bro use/who do you use?

I use She hulk, sentential and x-23. My brother coughHUMPScough wolverine, cap america and spider-man… always