Best Character Assists?

Great chracter for assisting and the best type of assist for each character.

It all depends on your personal preference really, but if your looking for one good assist that is overused, then sentinel’s sentinel force is a good choice

HK Hornet Bomber.

best character assists for confirming hits?

Best assist is Doom-B, discussion over.

Nah but seriously, for hit confirms, it’s Sentinel-A. The drones barely scale damage, but they all combo into each other no matter how far someone is from the robot. Just make sure to protect him on the way in before going for your mixup.

Best assist is Gold Armor Hsien Ko Pendulum. You should play her OP, she’s really good.

So C.Viper Thunder Knuckle?
Man, assists are so different in this game.

actually Dante’s Jam session acts more like how Captain Commando’s assist worked

That’s true. Fuck Dante is so good. He’s like Commando with two other good assists and he can play point. What the fuck.

Dante is like the douchey best friend who’s there for you and trying to convince you to do what he wants. He’s probably the best support character in the whole game.

This might be of interest. Support tier list by our own Chrisis from March.

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There are some characters whose assists and point are so good (namely Dante and Doom) that I describe characters as assists like so" Oh yeah, Doom missiles can help you OTG into another free super, or they’ll break an opponents combo, plus, you get to have Doom on your team!"

Yeah, having one of those two makes your team so much better. Slight edge goes to Dante only because of DHC/THC shenanigans.

I had that effect myself when I learned Dante and Doom both work with Captain. I was like "I can have . . . top-tier? On my team? This is . . . this is too good to be true . . . "

The best support character is Vergil because that nigga can still do the DHC glitch.

Depends personally i like to use TaskMaster’s Alpha assist, Also their is Modok’s Barrier love that assist.

Hidden Missels, Varja, Log Trap and Hulk (up assist), are the best

Drones come in second place

Akuma tasu fell off the top of the tier lists :frowning:

Yeah, Tatsu is still pretty good and blows stuff up for rushdown characters.