Best Bout Presents: Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting (SNES) Tournament at PRGE (9/24) Title Change

Hey all,
Best Bout is proud to be a part of the Portland Retro Gaming Expo this year. We will be hosting a Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting Tournament on the Super Nintendo. Here are the details;

What: Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting Tournament

Where: Portland Retro Gaming Expo

Portland Doubletree Hotel
1000 NE Multnomah Street
Portland, OR 97232

When: Saturday September 24th, sign up at 10am, tournament starts at 11am.

Cost: Tickets for the PGRE run $10.00 per day, or $15.00 for both days. Once inside the tournament is free.

Details: Double elimination, best 2 out of 3 matches. Winners/losers/grand finals are 3 out of 5 matches.

If you have any questions, feel free to inquire. Here is more about the overall event;

See you there!

Here are the results of the event, was a fun weekend for sure. 62 competitors total, thanks to the people who helped out (Omne, BBH, R_Panda, Zony, Chad, Angel).

Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting SNES

  1. BBH
  2. Dan Liss
  3. Alex Massa
  4. James Naumman
  5. Tyrell Miller
  6. Carlos Cabral
  7. Jetay Barber
  8. Pat Contri
  9. Prem Parmer
  10. Nicholas Coker
  11. PDX_Jive
  12. Ricky Brown
  13. Alex Cook
  14. Drew Shy
  15. Patrick Alston
  16. Adam O’brien
  17. Chris H.
  18. Clark B.
  19. Brad Kerr
  20. Glen Biava
  21. Dustin Eiler
  22. Richard Johnson
  23. Kenny Bender
  24. Gil Ruta
  25. Bobby Roberts
  26. Alex Nickel
  27. Ryan Reid
  28. Robert H.
  29. Eric Kennedy
  30. Jeff McNair
  31. Nick Crouch
  32. Joshua Grover
  33. Ryan Ritchie
  34. Ryan W.
  35. Shawn Clifford
  36. Johnathan Flores
  37. Sean Ritchie
  38. Shawn Miller
  39. Ben Hood
  40. Chris Lincoln
  41. Tom Bailey
  42. Nick Hartel
  43. Alexander Ryan
  44. R_Panda
  45. Isiah L.
  46. Jeremy Thornes
  47. Jericho C.
  48. Logan Johnson
  49. Bobby McCurdy
  50. Aaron G.
  51. Charlie Bender
  52. Keegan B.
  53. Danny Triforce
  54. Taylor Kramer
  55. Sean R.
  56. Nathan Siler
  57. Jake L.
  58. Leland L.
  59. Ian R.
  60. Bobby Lang
  61. Chris Harris
  62. Joseph Gonsalez

I hope you guys spread the word about Tuesday nights. I’m sure there are 65 ppl that want runbacks with Matt.

I dunno about that many but a lot of people wanted runbacks with me… tis the curse of being so godlike, I guess

Could you guys run another one of these? I would fly out just to go! :slight_smile:

Funny you mentioned this, we just closed the deal to run another tournament at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. It will of course be Street Fighter related, and some other games. Should be good times!

Is it going to be a Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting Tournament as well? That’s my game. :slight_smile: